The network

There are currently 5 operations metro lines covering Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang:

Line 1 (the blue line in Hankou) from Dongwu Avenue toHankou North / Line 2 (the pink line between Hankou and Wuchang) from Tianhe International Airport to Optics Valley Square / Line 3 (the gold line, between Hankou and Hanyang) from Hongtu Avenue to Zhuanyang Avenue / Line 4 (the light green line between Hanyang and Wuchang) from Wuhan Railway Station to Huangjinkou / Line 6 (the dark green line between Hankou and Hanyang) from Jinyinhu Park to Dongfeng Motor Company.

The complete network will comprise 10 lines. 5 lines are currently under construction; an extension to the South is also planned for the Line 2.

The orientation in Wuhan’s metro is pretty easy. In main hubs, transfers may take time, but the path is well indicated and quite simple to follow. Plus, in the trains, announcements are in both Chinese and English.

Tip: Metroman is an excellent app to keep an updated metro map in your pocket!







How to buy a ticket or a prepaid card?

There are ticket selling machines in each metro station and most of the time, you can set them up in English. When buying a one-way ticket, you first need to select the line and the station you’re going to. The machine will automatically calculate how much you have to pay. You can pay inserting coins or bank notes, then, you’ll get a blue token. Keep it, you’ll need it to exit the metro! Easy as a pie! 

If you often take the metro, it’s worth buying a prepaid card. The easiest way to get it is asking it to the metro station’s desk. When buying the pass, you will have to pay a deposit of 30 RMB (you will get this money back when returning the card). You will also have to put money on your card when buying it (50 RMB is a good amount). After that, you just need to scan your card each time you take the metro. Easy as ABC! 

You can also recharge your pass at the station’s desk or with the machines. First, set the machine in English up. Then, choose “Add Value” on the touch screen and insert your pass in the machine. The screen will show up the amount left on the card (also useful!). You can charge different amounts of money of the pass but be careful: machines often do NOT give change! Insert the money, press OK and check on the screen that the money has been charged on your pass. Don’t forget to take your pass back before leaving… Last but not least: You can use this pass to take the metro, the bus and the ferry boat!