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Planning a trip to Shanghai? Fancy a dash of shopping? After living in Shanghai for 6 years NZ expat Wanda has kindly complied a list of her favourite true, tried & passed the test shops. Enjoy 🙂

Hong Qiao Flower Market -718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu / 虹井路718号, 近红松路 – This market has a great arrange of fresh and fake flowers and also fabulous homeware goods, gifts, furniture and knick knacks. My favorite shop is Z Bo’s, absolutely fabulous during holiday times!


Shanghai Hong Qiao Da Tong Yang Market – 461 Jin Hui Lu / 金汇路461号. Fake market. Local but very good as has local prices and everything clothes, bags, shoes etc only 10 minutes from Hong Qiao Pearl Market so suggest you go here first then go to Hong Qiao Pearl Market for anything that you couldn’t find. Favorite handbag shop called “David”- second floor No. 233 (these are the guys that sell all those bags I keep bringing back for everyone!)

Hong Qiao Pearl Market – No.3721 Hongmei Road, Changning District / 红桥市场, 天坛东门北侧 – First Floor: fake leather goods, clothing, shoes, small amount of electric goods, silk, knick-knacks, bags, sunglasses, belts and homeware. Second Floor: pearls and jewels. Third Floor: fake goods, tailors, DVD’s, plus more handbags etc. Favorite shop “Lees Handbag Shop” No. 3 – 313.

In the Hong Qiao area across the road from Hong Qiao Pearl Market is a great Food Alley.  Walk directly across the road from the Pearl Market and then with your back to the Pearl Market turn right and walk for a couple of minutes until you  see a fountain that is not working in a driveway. Walk down to the right of this alley and you will be at the beginning of a very large restaurant street/alleyway. For Chinese food go to “Amy’s” – second restaurant in – the menu is in English and the food is very good. There is every type of food here in the alleyway; Burgers, French, Indian, Pub Food, Thai, Spanish etc. “Big Bamboo” is a good place to drop the husbands off so they can have a beer and watch the sports channel while you duck back to the Pearl Market!

Shanghai South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market – 399 Lu Jia Bang Lu / 上海南外轻纺面料市场, 399陆家浜路-First Floor Shop No. 165 “Xiao Wu” for leather belts. Second Floor Shop No. 230 “Mina” for Cashmere and Trench Coats. Second Floor Shop No. 210 “Ashley” for stretch knit tops and cotton tea shirt tops, skirts, pants and dresses. Second Floor Shop No. 248 “Carrie” Leather Jackets and Chinese styled jackets and clothes. Second Floor Shop No. 289 for silk fabric. Second Floor Shop No. 206 for 100% cotton tops, skirts and dresses. There are many, many more! Your best bet is to have a look and, if you like the shops clothing and the quality of the sewing is good, then give them a go. The above are my regulars that I use all the time when I go there.

Shanghai Shi Liu Pu Cloth Market168 Dong Men Lu / 东门路168号, 近中山东二路 – First Floor Shop No. 126 “Mr Chen” suits, shirts, pants & ladies suits, jackets. Basement B006 -scarves and pashmina. Third Floor Shop No. 314 for pants & suits (speaks good English as well).

Body Massage / Foot Massage -“Aroma Age” -3/F, 11 Zhenning Lu / 镇宁路11号3楼- Ph 21 5239 8633. They are also at Jing’an Shop – 38 Chang Hua Rd Jian’an District. Ph 21 6267 0783. It is better to call them before you go as they are sometimes very busy and that way you are not disappointed if you turn up and you can’t get in for an hour. Body massages 90 minutes with oil for under 200rmb. EXCELLENT!!

Touristy Souvenirs, Paintings, Embroideries and Clothing – Yu Garden’s main street Fang Bang Lu (near Renmin Lu) 方浜路 (近人民路)- This area has a real Dynasty Garden in the middle of it which is worth seeing and there’s also a very famous steamed dumpling shop where you will see the queue of people before you see the shop! They have also built a new area inside Yu Gardens with a Marks & Spencer’s, Zara and H&M. So old and new mixed together.

Dong Tai Lu -Antiquities Market – (enter from Xizang Lu into Liuhe Lu) / 东台路, 西藏路和浏河路路口.  Here you can get real antiques, fake antiquities and great chinese and Mao souvenirs.

Designer Porcelain and Ceramics – Very popular shop called “Spin” – 360 Kangding Road. Ph:  86 21 62792545 Website:

General Shopping – Many shops and shopping centres on Nanjing Road. Plaza 66 is the most expensive store in Shanghai as it has all the up-market designer labels. Well worth a drool over! Also check out Huai Hai Lu / 淮海路.  This is a good shopping area and then you can eat at Xin Tian Di. This is a restaurant area which is very popular with locals and tourists as it is in the French Concession.

Fav Food and Beverage – “New Heights” – Cocktails and drinks at night with view of the Bund – 7/F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu / 中山东一路3号楼7楼.     Fav Café – “Gourmet Café” – In the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel Center-1/F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu / 南京西路1376号, 上海商城1楼, 近西康路. Great veggie burgers and also normal meat burgers. Fav Italian Restaurant -“Da Marco” – The Italian food here is the best in town! 103 Dongzhu’anbang Lu / 东诸安浜路103号. Ph 021 62104495. Booking essential!

Fav Dumpling Restaurants – “Lynn”- 99-1 Xikang Lu /
西康路99-1号. Dim Sum Restaurant with a weekend rate (around) 88 for all you can eat! Very fresh and very good dumplings. Also “Din Tai Feng”. This is a chain store but has very good dumplings – a little pricey but well worth it. There is one at Yu Gardens and one at the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel Centre.

Cao Jia Du Plant, Flower & Bird Market-1148 CaoJiaDu Rd, near Changshou Road/ 上海市普陀区万航渡后路59号(曹家渡花鸟市场旁边). The third floor of Cao Jia Du has loads of craft things now, felt, ribbons, wrapping paper, glue guns and glue sticks. A huge range of goodies for those craft minded people. Open daily from 8am-6pm but best to go around mid day when most things will be open.

There are many many more restaurants everywhere! Best bet for a large range of restaurants in one area is Hong Qiao Alley on Hong Mei Lu / 虹梅路 or Xin Tian Di / 新天地. For more restaurants check out these websites: and

Safe Journey & Happy Shopping!



6 responses to “Shopping in Shanghai

  1. Hi, can I get a good quality men’s suede leather jacket made in Shanghai? I’ve read many bad reports about the fabric markets I’m wary of getting one made. Thanks.

  2. Hello, brilliant list thank you….is there a cashmere shop you can recommend at Hong Qiao pearl market ? – ….I have not had any success to date with buying cashmere in Shanghai so would live your advice. Regards Lyn

  3. oh by the way, there is nothing better than picking out really special/unique little button for your work shirt, or dress or whatever… and on level 3 there is a buttons shirt with all the vintage italian buttons – really nice for that cashmere coat to make it look really fancy. It’s all about the buttons……

    I got abit obsessed with buttons shopping towards the end… =)

  4. Great shopping list!

    Just came back from Shanghai and have tried the tailors as mentioned above – went to all of them to check it out, really good service and very affordable. I got a whole heap of things made and they can also send to Wuhan. They (tailors with mr. shen) will take your measurements and then keep them for future references – for example, I got them to take the whole measurements and then for winter I will just send them a picture of what I want, and then have it sent down here. Obviously over summer, it was too hot and bothered for me to do the fittings/pick out material etc, so I just said to leave it to later.

    But I have since ordered some fabric online and then sent it to them with the magazine clippings of what I wanted made, and then within a week they send it back! much cheaper, and way better quality than shopping outside.

    I have also gone to the fabric market and this is probably the best place to get the fabrics, on level 2 there is a silk shop really good for women’s clothing – they have alot of really classic, beautiful silk/and silk mixes which are very reasonably priced, and then you take it back to ms. shen who will fit it up for you! For cottons and cotton blends it’s really good to get nice fabric here… you will have to rummage through alot, so better to go monday-wednesday when there are much less crowds compared to the weekend.

    by the way, the street foot outside the fabric market is also very good and very clean… and they don’t use much food additives for those supersensitive (like myself). =) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes try Cao Jia Du on the 2nd floor they have a good range of excellent dried and silk flowers. They are a Wholesale market.

    Their address is 33Wan Hang Du Hou Road
    They use to open from 8.30am to 6.00pm

    Happy shopping!

  6. I am looking for quality wholesale artificial flowers in shanghai. Can you suggest any where?

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