Recommended Places and Mingpians

A list of places in Wuhan which other foreigners have found interesting.

Antique City

This is a rather run-down building in Hankou, not too far from Walking Street, that houses many small “antique” stores. Most of the items here are quite large, so it’s not really the place to go for buying those 1000+1 souvenirs to take back home. Here you can find some lovely Chinese items for the home -vases, pots, ceramic seats, wooden paintbrush holders, calligraphy paintings, jadeware, and much much more. It’s best to go in the afternoons as they take a while to get started in the mornings 🙂 This mingpian is just for one of the shops inside, but hopefully it will get you to the place!



Art Supplies

Looking for an easel? A drawing book? Paints? Brushes? Redo, located within walking distance from Wuhan Tiandi (about 20 mins) has a good selection of art supplies. Located on Shengli Rd, Hankou.



8mile Art Bookshop

This is a fantastic art book shop which sells both contemporary-styled books, plus books on classical Chinese drawing and painting techniques. Located right next to the entrance of the Fine Arts University in Wuchang. There are also a number of art shops next door selling calligraphy brushes, paper and paraphernalia, plus tubs of paint etc.

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Teacher

One of the most popular Chinese Painting & Calligraphy teachers around is 龚秀娟 Grace Gong. Grace speaks Chinese, English and French. She teaches both traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy and is already the teacher to many expats in both Hanyang and Hankou. Visit her in her new studio in Hanyang; she also has a new website. Contact her on for more info!

Douglas Frame Shop

Need to get some framing done? Douglas frame shop has a good selection of frames and borders at a reasonable price. It is also conveniently located amongst other framers and painting shops. Located on Zhongshan Dadao in Hankou (half way between Tiandi and the walking street).






Flowers & Plant Shop

Now – who doesn’t love flowers?! This little alley is located close to the new pedestrian street in Wuchang, off HongShan Lu (武昌区洪山路科教大厦花市10号). Here you can grab your cut flowers, fake flowers, bunches of individually wrapped teddy bears (seriously!!), pot plants, and have beautiful arrangements whipped up in minutes. Prices are very reasonable – 1 lily stem with 2 flowers = 6 rmb. Bunch of assorted flowers = 40 rmb. There is also a small pet shop at the end of the alley should you also wish to purchase a rabbit or turtle. Call 027-87814741. Delivery also available.


Hankou Shoe Maker

Welcome to Huan Le Xie Fang (Joy Shoe Shop). It is difficult to find real artisans, but we have found one! Not only can you have your shoes repaired and cleaned here, you can also have them resized (one size up, or down) and have your favorite pair  duplicated! You can also take in a photo of a pair of shoes you like and he will make them! Prices depend on style. His shop in between Jinghan Dadao and Jiefang Dadao on Sanyang Lu.

Hankou Tailors

There is a very small tailors off Zhongshan Dadao that offers very good tailoring at reasonable prices. They don’t have that many fabric choices on display, but they do have a good collection of design books to help you. Best option is to buy your fabric at one of the fabric markets, and then check them out. Their tailoring takes 10 days.





Orchid Heart Patchwork Atelier

蘭心拼布教室 Orchid Heart Patchwork Atelier (formerly known as SJAtelier)
经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城四号门 (shop #3-107)
open daily 10am till 6pm, closed for lunch from 12:30 – 3:30pm.
Telephone: 13995638759

Orchid Heart Patchwork Atelier 蘭心拼布教室 (Lán xīn pīn bù jiàoshì) is located in the Dongfeng Sunshine City Residence 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城 (shop #3-107) in Hanyang KaiFaQu (WEDZ) and has an excellent selection of quality sewing notions (scissors & rotary cutters, rulers and matts, interfacing and batting, Japanese and German threads, books & magazines, &c.) and 100% cotton patchwork quilt fabrics (from Japan, the USA and a selection of Chinese traditional fabrics, etc). Sewing machines may be ordered (Singer, Brother, &c). If ever you need something that you don’t see, just ask the seamstress and she will pull it out of her “cave of wonders”!
Hand-sewing (手工教学 Shǒugōng jiàoxué) lessons are offered in the studio; antiques and other decorative items are also sold in the shop, and seamstress services are available. Chinese and some English are spoken.


Outdoor Furniture

This place comes recommended by Swedish Ann. She spent ages trying to find suitable furniture for her apartment balcony, and eventually was directed to this place in Wuchang. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall type shop, but it might just have what you are looking for!


Deli-Greg Store

Don’t forget to pop into Greg’s General Store just next door to the Shino Bakery in the same Dongfeng Sunshine City Residence 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城四号门 (shop #5-112). French-trained Chinese native Greg has a great selection of European imports, from French cheese, cream, butter and milk to cereal, hot chocolate, nutella, pudding, canned goods and baking powder! Open daily, non-stop. Free delivery in the vicinity. Call Greg for special requests 13971299470 or email him; French and Chinese spoken.

Shino Bakery

There is a fabulous little French Bakery Shino Boulangerie in Hanyang that sells delicious baguettes, éclaires, chocolate croissants, mini-tartes and other rare French delicacies. You can also order pizzas (they deliver in the vicinity) and prepared pie crusts for your own baking needs. The bakery is located in the Dongfeng Sunshine City Residence 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城 (shop #5-110) and is open daily from 7am – 1pm and 3pm till 7:30pm. Email Frenchman Guillaume for special requests English, French and Chinese spoken.

Merci Cafe

This is a lovely French styled shabby-chic cafe recently opened beside Li Li Zhou Restaurant on Shengli Jie, Hankou/汉口江岸胜利街 (about 15 mins walk from Wuhan Tiandi). Serves coffee and tea at prices below Tiandi coffee shops rates and has a very personal atmosphere.



Magic World Coffee

There’s a great little street in Hankou called Lihuangpi Lu/黎黄陂路 (just behind Marco Polo) that has a batch of quaint coffee shops – perfect in winter when you’re looking for somewhere cozy. One of the most popular is Magic World Coffee/魔界咖啡/Mo Jie Ka Fei- 26 Lihuangpi Road, which quite a few foreigners have stated as having “great coffee!”

ROCC Coffee

A 2 min. walk from the French Crepe House is the fabulous, locally roasted coffee of ROCC -Roasters of Central China. They roast & sell several kinds of beans & blends from Yunnan, Brazil, and Sumatra, among others. you can also find great coffee accessories in their shop. in Hanyang KaiFaQu, Wuhan Economic & Technology Development Zone (zhaunkou) , across from the Sheng Shi Jin Jiang Hotel, Xiang Long Times Square.


58 NingKangYuan Lu,
XiangLong ShiDai, #2 ShangYe ZhongXin,
Zone-B, Building-7

Office // Adam:
Roastery // Paul :

For Coffee Lovers

One of our ladies has kindly informed us of the “Coffee Street” where you can satisfy all your coffee needs! The name is Minquan Lu. It is located in Hankou off Yanjiang Dadao (the road parallel to the Yangtze River). There are quite a few small shops, the one on the name card is one of bigger ones. You can buy all kinds of coffee there, (but unfortunately no capsules when checked earlier this year), different types of coffee machines and cups & glasses.

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