General Information about Living in Hubei. “Hubei – China” is a government site covering information on Visas, Postal & Telecommunication Services, Hubei Scenic Spots, Religious Regulations, Resolving Legal Disputes, Investment, International Schooling, Local News…and lots more.


Forum and Expat Group. “Wuhantime” is the longest running forum for Expats in Wuhan and is a plentiful source of information, with an up-to-date forum for people living in Wuhan. There are lots of categories, so it might take a while to find exactly what you’re looking for -but perseverance is the key! And if you really can’t find it, then just put up a post on the forum.


Volunteer Group. China Endangered Culture Protector (CECP) is an International Volunteer group based in Wuhan working to study, promote and hence protect the endangered or less popular parts of Chinese Culture, especially in central China area. They organize trips, expeditions, field surveys, seminars and social events, take photos, record videos and audios, and write articles. They believe the best way to protect the endangered culture is to let more people know they exist, and understand the real value of them.

Forum and Expat Group. “Wuhanexpat” is a relatively new expat forum with growing membership.




Forum and Expat Group. “Wuhanbuzz” was launched in May 2012. They have a business directory, posts from local foreign bloggers, a forum, and they organize Networking Events aimed at local and foreign businesses.