Taxi-Book . This is a handy little app for iPads/iPhones/iPod Touch (they’re still working on Android). It enables you to know thousands of key locations in 24 Chinese cities, gives you GPS and even speaks Chinese for you. It’s basically the digital version of business cards, it’s pretty darn handy and gets you everywhere. You can download the Wuhan version for US$4.99 (3,59€) at

China Drive App. Here’s a great free app for iPhone/ipod/ipad users who are trying to pass your Chinese drivers license written test. It gives you 100 questions in 45 minutes, then tells you your score and the correct responses to the questions you got wrong. This handy little app is recommended by one of our very own ladies! It can be found at the

Online Shopping. There are loooaaadddsss of Chinese shopping sites that, for those of us who aren’t all that good at working out the squiggly characters, might slip us buy. However, if you have any Chinese friends -grab one and ask for some help! Here are a few sites which are very popular:  1) -sells pretty much everything, similar to e.bay with both private sellers and companies. Pay first policy. 2) -this is actually bigger than taobao, but unlike it they do not have private suppliers, only big companies and brands. Pay first policy. 3) – DVD’s/books/clothes/toys etc. Free delivery and offers cash on delivery service. 4) – apparently more even popular than amazon! Free delivery over 29rmb purchases and offers pay on delivery service. 5) – it’s major draw-card is that if something breaks you can send it back and they will fix/replace it within 5 days. Also has payment upon delivery plus a “lowest price wins” system so that if, between the time of purchase and the time of shipment, the price of the item decreased, you will pay the lowest price for the item! 6) – This probably needs no introduction, however you will need to select a specific Ikea store (ie: Chengdu) and purchase & deliver through them.  There will be a fixed shipping price which means you can let loose on your purchasing -or combine orders with a friend to get the maximum amount of stuff for the same shipping cost 🙂 Don’t forget to also check out -the Chinese “Youtube” with the latest Chinese movies and drama series!

China Air Pollution Index App. Perhaps a rather relevant app for iPhones and iPads 🙂 This free app gives you “Real-time broadcasting air quality index and air pollution index of 120 major cities in China, the data used comes from the U.S. Embassy and China MEP”. Download from iTunes:


Waygo App. Understanding what you’re ordering has never been easier! Scan your phone over the name of your dish on the menu dishes for immediate translation 🙂 This free app is available in iTunes for iPhone 3GS+ and iPad 2+ running iOS 5.0+. Can identify clear Chinese text but not stylized or calligraphy. Download at


subwayWuhan Whale`s. This is the most up-to-date map of the Wuhan subway system available, and works completely offline (no internet connection required!). All subway station names are displayed in both English and Chinese! Subway line legend, large and small line markers, pan and zoom capabilities, and clear, easy to read English and Chinese fonts, make this the perfect app for navigating the Wuhan metro system.

wuhan guide1Wuhan, China Offline Map-Place Stars.                              Very easy to use simple offline maps without hard-to-understand functionality. The Offline Map App is very informative and fast. You may check it yourself! It includes topical articles from Wikipedia.