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Tongji Hospital Huazhong University of Science and Technology/同济医学院/Tóngjì Yīxúeyuàn
Website (in Chinese, English & German):
Address: No.1095, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou, Wuhan/湖北省武汉市解放大道1095号
Tel: +86 27 8366 3268


* Foreign Help @ Tongji International VIP Clinic – English & German Speaking.
One of our ladies – Silja has been working hard to establish a VIP clinic within Tongji Hospital which provides clean, friendly and comprehensible services for those needing help in the hospital. Foreigners visiting Tongji hospital can contact her on 13995583508 and her and her colleagues will then help you to make an appointment, find your way in the hospital, paper work, interpreting etc. The VIP Department has a direct billing contract with MSH, Cigna and SOS International. If you are not covered by any of those companies, you will need to pay by cash or Chinese credit card first and ask your company for refund later. The clinic does not accept VISA or Mastercard at this time. Their opening hours are Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00hrs, 14:30-17:30hrs. For emergencies you can contact Silja anytime. Remember that if you want to see a doctor in Tongji Hospital, you need to make an appointment first. Below is the process to get help at Tongji:





On their website under ‘May we help you?’ you can find all details about their service and general information. For regular visits most of the services will be found the VIP building, with Emergencies and Pediatrics in the general department.

Dentist – English speaking
Wuhan Union Hospital
Dr. Cheng Yang
Address: 1277 Jiefang Dadao
Tel: 86-27-8572-61-67
Mobile: 86-135-171-99-412
Appointments essential.


Handy Hospital Articles. Check out these 2 useful articles from ChangJiang Weekly Newspaper:
1) “How to see a doctor in Wuhan”
2) “How to use the Medical or VIP Card & Using the Green Pass Service”



Wuhan Union Hospital International Clinic
English Speaking doctor: Dr. Cheryl deMena, M.D
Address: 2nd Floor Union Hospital West, Shen Long Dadao, Hanyang/汉阳武汉经济技术开发区神龙大道149号协和医院(西区)
Tel: 136-2721-4467. Appointments essential!
Fees: Standard office visit = 100 rmb. Complex visit or physical = 150 rmb. Short visit or phone consult = 50 rmb. Upon payment for services, every patient receives an official receipt from Union Hospital which can be submitted to their insurance carrier for reimbursement.
Buses: From Wuchang: Take 202 or 596 to French Street. Change to 585. Take 585 to Ti Yu Pei Xun Zhong Xin stop (get off at first left after going through the JK Mall Zhong Bai intersection.) From Hankou: Take 585 as above, or 597 or 579 then change to 585 at French St.

Check out this website for general information about pregnancy & hospitals in China.




Wuhan Union Hospital /武汉协和医院/Wuhan XieHeYiYuan
Website (link to English version):
Address: No.1277, Jiefang Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan/湖北省武汉市解放大道1277号
Tel: 8572 6114
Buses: No.1, 2, 42, 505, 508, 519, 524, 548, 549, 553, 557, 561, 574, 703 to Zhongshan Park


Wuhan Medical & Health Center for Women and Children/ 武汉市妇女儿童医疗保健中心/Wuhanshi Funv ertong yiliao baojian zhongxin
Website (Chinese only):
Address: No.100, Xianggang Road, Jiang’an District, Wuhan/武汉市江岸区香港路100号
Tel: 8243 3350


Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei General Hospital)/武汉大学人民医院/ Wuhan daxue renmin yiyuan
Website: (this site is blocked as a potential “Attack Page”)
Address: No.99, Ziyang Road, Wuchang, Wuhan/武汉市武昌区紫阳路99号
Tel: 8804 1911
Buses: No.43, 510, 514, 539, 571, 578

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University/武汉大学中南医院/ Wuhandaxue Zhongnan yiyuan
Website (Chinese only):
Address: No.169, Donghu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan/武汉市武昌区东湖路169号
Tel: 6781 2999,  6781 2888
Buses: 701,709,411,14路,108,552,578


Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital/武汉亚洲心脏病医院/ Wuhan yazhou xinzangbing yiyuan
Address: No.753, Jinghan Avenue, Wuhan/武汉市京汉大道753号
Tel: 8541 2677,  6579 6888
Light Rail: Youyi Lu Station


Hospital of Stomatology Wuhan University/ 武汉大学口腔医院/ Wuhan Daxue kouqiang yiyuan
Website (Chinese only):
Address: No.237, Luoyu Road, Hongshan, Wuhan/ 湖北省武汉市洪山区珞喻路237号
Tel: 8787 5175
* Stomatology is the branch of medicine and dentistry relating to the mouth and mouth disease.

Wuhan No.1 Hospital (Chinese & Western Medicine Hospital)/ 武汉市第一人民医院/ Wuhanshi Diyi Renmin Yiyuan
Website (link to English version):
Address: No.215, Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan/ 武汉市中山大道215号
Tel: 8585 5908,  8533 2001
Buses: No.291, 502, 506, 519, 522 to Liji Beilu

Bioscor International Clinic – Check them out for any skin treatment requirements: dermabrasion, botox, Cutera Laser Genesis treatments etc. Also provide the Gardisal vaccine against cervical cancer. Free skin consultations available. Open 7 days a week from 9-6pm.
Website (in English):
Address: 953 Jing Han Dadao, Jiang’An District, Hankou, Shop 033A /江岸区京汉大道953A融科天成商铺033A.
Tel: 82213776   Email:

Outside Wuhan – Because some expats might have issues with hospital care in Wuhan, below are a few recommended hospitals outside of Wuhan 🙂

Shanghai Huadong Hospital/上海华东医院
Tel: 021-62483180 (extensive 30201 for VIP/all specialist diagnosis bookings) Bookings essential for specialist appointments
Address: 221 Yan An Xi Lu,
Pudong Shanghai/上海静安区延安西路221号
Subway:10 mins walk from Jing’an Temple in the former French Concession area.
Recommended by Anna because: “They speak really good English, and are really really clean and professional…we have gone there for any issues, even small ones. They also have really good foreign medicine at the pharmacy, for example, if you are asthmatic or if you want the allergy vaccination. For those who don’t have comprehensive insurance cover, I highly recommend this hospital as it is covered by the basic insurance cover and most of the cost is claimable.”

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital/ 香港港安醫院
Email (link to English version):
Address: 40 Stubbs Rd, Hong Hong
Tel: (852) 3651-8888. Recommended by Ann because of their “Professional, quick and all over good impression. We met with their eurology, endocrinology and gynecology doctors. Our son had minor surgery and spent one night there. Single room with private bath, tv, dvd and refrigerator. All staff during his stay were very nice. We felt safe in their care.”


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  1. Hi wow. I am Monica from US. I have serious back pain during last few months. It really affects my work and life. Is there any good place to go that can solve my problem? I have been to several Chinese clinics nearby, they can not listen to my problems in English and doctors only prescribed medicines, which is not helpful to me at all.
    Waiting for your reply!

  2. Hi, Women of Wuhan.
    I am a chiropractor working in Wuchang, there are many foreign teachers and students nearby come to my office seeking for chiropractic adjustment. I think there might be many other foreigners need the services in Wuhan. Anyone who is interested in the chiropractic can visit my web and office anytime.

  3. Hey everyone. I am looking for an gynecologist as I am having some pregnancy issues. Can anyone guide me to an English-speaking gynecologist.

    My email address is

  4. Hello,

    I am seeking the best hospitals or clinics for expatriates to have a baby in Wuhan whatever the cost.
    thanks for reply to

    • Hi Guillaume,
      Thank you for contacting our website.I see now you have received all information regarding your question on WoW wechat group so I do not need to add anything more. I wish you and your wife good luck with delivery.

  5. hey everyone,
    can anyone help me with a gynecologist in Wuhan that speaks English? your help will be highly appreciated.

  6. hello, may I know a good skin doctor who can understand English ?

  7. Hi. My wife and I (and two year old boy) will be moving to Wuhan in late august to live, and work at the new Red lantern theatre and the Hanshow. We are expecting on 1st Nov.

    could you recommend the best hospital for delivery? and does anyone have a directory or network of english or philipino speaking midwives so that we may find a translator to assist us through our final term and delivery?

    ps any help will be great networking as in the coming months this show will bring quite a lot of new expats to Wuhan

    • I am a part-time translator and also got lots of doctor friends. I f you need help, pls email me.

      • Hello I need help in finding a particular Doctor have lost contact details, can anyone contact her for me or or supply me with tel nr which hospital she works in as there are so many hospitals in Wuhan ? Her name is Mou Xiaorong (Lily)
        44yrs old if someone can find out and contact her to ring or e-mail Roman Heinze +61 08 83842241 mob +61 0450087574 e mail
        Adelaide South Australia

      • Hello kiki, can i have your phone or email…I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m having a hard time finding a doctor that can actually speaks english, as I speak no english. I think your services would help me a lot during my doctors visiting. my email is or

  8. Hello to all Womans of Wuhan! My name is Kate and I am Russian, I moved 2 months ago to Wuhan from Shenzhen. (with my husband).we are living in Zhuangkou. I Will be very happy to meet interesting people (if the are Russian Woman’s please respond) bwt would love to ask one medicine question: if anyone can recommend me gynecology? I would love to have VIP service (please don’t suggest me Tongji Hospital!!!) Would like to have CONFIDENTIAL service with tet-a-tet with the doctor! If you have any recommendation or somebody like to meet for chatting please feel free to contact me with

  9. Hi everybody! the information are great!
    I would like to ask if anybody has already used the dentist mentioned above. I need urgently a dentist and I would like to be sure that the one you recommended is good with good hygienic standards. I have hearth problem I need to avoid infection.
    Thank you

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  11. Excellent addition to the site ladies!

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