Rainbow Reading. This is an actual physical school. There are 3 locations in Wuhan; Wuchang, Zhuankou & Hankou. They sometimes have group classes, but usually people go there to learn 1:1. Set your own schedule and your own pace. These lessons follow textbooks (Elementary, Intermediate etc), which is all very oldschool -however their teachers can be pretty flexible if you want to learn specific vocab (eg: how to catch a taxi and then make it stop!). Courses are 38hrs, and the cost (as of Jan 2012) was 3040 rmb (that’s 80 rmb an hour). Check out their info at

Jianghan University, Hanyang. Every semester Mandarin language classes are held at Jianghan University which is located in Hanyang (near the Wanda Shopping Plaza). The cost for one semester is around 8000rmb. Books are extra, about 130rmb each. Each semester is 16 weeks and is comprised of 4 components: speaking, listening, reading, and comprehension. Each week is 14 school hours: 4 for speaking, 2 for listening, 2 for reading, 6 for comprehension. For more info contact: Li Laoshi – Or, if you’d like to contact one of the expats who has been on a course, please email Lexi at