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Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre (琴台大剧院) – Yuehu Bei’an, Hanyang/湖北省武汉市汉阳区琴台月湖北岸. Located next to the Han River, this modern building and it’s neighboring Qintai Concert Hall are quite spectacular. Here you can watch local and international dance, opera, plays & musicals throughout the year. The Qintai Theatre can seat over 1,800 people and is constructed with state of the art equipment and Western facilities (yes – even Western toilets!). They also have 800 complimentary parking spots, and a bus terminal. Check out the Qintai website at http://www.whqtdjy.com/ (in Chinese only) and click HERE to see a basic map outlaying the Qintai Grand Theatre.

There are different options to book tickets: 1) Book online at http://www.whqtdjy.com/. You will need a Chinese credit/debit card to pay, and the site is in Chinese 2) Tickets can also be brought from the ticket office to the left of the Qintai Grand Theatre. This must be by CASH or by Chinese CC. There are no ATMs 3) Book through one of the distribution spots around Wuhan – such as Bellman’s Music Centre at Wuhan Tiandi. 

Address: China, Hubei Sheng, Wuhan Shi, Hanyang Qu, 武汉琴台大剧院

Han Show – This show is inspired by the spirit of Han nationality, Chu-Han Dynasty and by the city of Wuhan. Directed by Franco Dragone, who worked with the Cirque du Soleil, the Han Show is a creative masterpiece blending technologies and performance that challenges physical boundaries to bring the audience a splendid sensory experience.

The Han Show Theater, designed by Mark Fisher and inspired by the “Red Lantern”, is 60 meters high, 100 meters in diameter and houses more than 2000 seats. You can book you ticket online: http://www.thehanshow.com/en/tickets/

Address: East side of Chuhehan Street, Wuchang District / 武昌区楚河汉街东端

Han Jie (Han Street) – Han Street runs along the south bank of the Chu River. Stretching 1500 meters (one of the longest commercial pedestrian street in China) and covers 210,000 square meters, Han Street houses shopping malls, restaurants, cultural and recreational sites. Roughly 200 businesses are located on this street.

Address: Central Culture Zone, Wuchang District / 楚河汉街

Tanhualin Historic Street Block – Walking on this nearly 2 km block is like a journey through time. Located at the northeast corner of Wuhan and lying between Huayuan Hill and Pangxiejia Hill, the block is filled with hoary walls, ancient steles, antiques stores and old consulates. But Tanhualin is not just a historic landmark, there are also some art zones which are injecting a dose of vibrancy into the old street.

Address: Huayuanshan, Wuchang District