Hubei Provincial Museum  湖北省博物馆 – Located in Wuchang District, near the East Lake, is the only provincial museum in the province. Since it was established in 1953, it has gone through considerable changes, updates and complete makeovers. At present it has over 200,000 relics on display such as jade, bronze vessels, ancient weapons, pottery, porcelain and ancient musical instruments. Visitors can actually hear a set of bronze bells being played in the performance hall. Every 15 minutes the museum puts on a demonstration using these and other classical instruments – giving visitors a real Bronze Age-style concert. If you want to see this, however, you should get to the hall early to get a tickets.

Add: 156 Donghu Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan / 地址: 武汉市武昌区东湖路188号 

Wuhan Museum – For the purpose of exhibiting the cultural history of Wuhan in an exact, realistic and direct way, and enabling visitors to get to know the local historical development of Wuhan so as to drink in its stately and luxurious cultural atmosphere, the Museum puts on a large serial exhibition of the local history the exhibition on 3 special subjects: the Ancient History of Wuhan, Approaching Modern Wuhan and Cultural Relics of the Past Dynasties. 

Add: 武汉市汉口青年路373号 / Closest Metro Station: YunFei Road, Line 3 

Hubei Museum of Art – This is a landmark public cultural building, adjacent to Hubei Provincial Museum. It covers 25,000 square meters with 10 exhibition halls which cover about 5,000 square meters for exhibition of different kinds and subjects. More info about the current exhibitions:

Add: 东湖路三官殿1号(近湖北省博物馆)

Wuhan Art Museum – This museum was founded on December 12, 1986. In 2008 it moved to the new museum site where the former Kincheng Bank situated on Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou. Influential in Wuhan and even in Central China as a public art museum, Wuhan Art Museum is dedicated to keeping archives of contemporary and modern art and history via collecting, preserving, displaying, researching excellent contemporary fine art works, focusing on combing the local art fabric and also heartily communicating with other ethnic and national art.

Address: 武汉市中山大道保华街2号 (中山大道与保华街三角岛上)/ Closest Metro Station: Jianghan Road Line 2

The 1911 Revolution Museum  辛亥革命博物馆 –  This is a memorial museum where the former site of Hubei Military Government of Republic of China seated. The 1911 Revolution Museum has English explanations for all major displays, allowing visitors to learn the importance of Wuhan and how the CCP developed. The museum is well organised and offers a rare glimpse into modern Chinese history.

Add: 1 Wulou Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan / 地址: 武汉市武昌区武珞路1号 

United Art Museum 合美术馆 – The biggest art museum in Wuhan, dedicated to art collection and exhibitions of modern and contemporary artistic works.  Featuring 10 exhibition halls and equipped with bookstore, cafe and other supporting service facilities, the main aim of the museum is to bring the contemporary art to the masses. 

Add: 野芷湖西路16号

New Wuhan Science and Technology Museum (科学技术馆) – It is located on Yanjiang Avenue, near the Hankou Customs House Museum. The museum occupies an area of 30,600 square meters and the exhibition area features over 600 exhibits. The new museum includes eight large-scale indoor exhibition halls, such as the universe, life, and water exhibition halls, as well as an outdoor exhibition area is located on the roof. 

Address: No.104 Zhaojiatiao, Jiang’an District / 沿江大道原武汉客运港大楼