Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre(琴台大剧院)– Yuehu Bei’an, Hanyang/湖北省武汉市汉阳区琴台月湖北岸. Located next to the Han River, this modern building and it’s neighboring Qintai Concert Hall are quite spectacular. Here you can watch local and international dance, opera, plays & musicals throughout the year. The Qintai Theatre can seat over 1,800 people and is constructed with state of the art equipment and Western facilities (yes – even Western toilets!). They also have 800 complimentary parking spots, and a bus terminal. Check out the Qintai website at http://www.whqtdjy.com/ (in Chinese only).

Restaurants: 2nd Floor= “Oboe Chinese & Western Restaurant”. Entrance from the lakeside beside the Ticket Office. Casual dining. Menu in Chinese. 3rd Floor = “Qin Tai Yuan” banquet and VIP dining rooms overlooking Moon Lake. Entrance at exit 4  – the back of the Theatre. Menu in Chinese. 5th Floor = “Tianji” Chinese Cuisine Restaurant – with indoor and outside covered patio casual dining and cafe area (scheduled to open in December with English and Chinese menu).

Click HERE to see a basic map outlaying the Qintai Grand Theatre.

Booking: There are 4 options – Online, Qintai Ticket Office, Booking Agent or through Flora. 1) Book online at http://www.whqtdjy.com/. You will require a Chinese credit/debit card to pay, and the site is in Chinese. 2) Tickets can also be brought from the ticket office to the left of the Qintai Grand Theatre. This must be by CASH or by Chinese CC. There are no ATMs. 3) Book through one of the distribution spots around Wuhan – such as Rainbow Reading Cafes in Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchang or Bellman’s Music Centre at Wuhan Tiandi. 4) One of our WOW ladies has kindly volunteered to help make online reservations for our members. Just send Flora at flora@floraandwilliam.com your name, address (in Chinese if possible!), phone number, performance title and date & ticket price option, and she will make the online reservation for you. The tickets will then be sent to you and you PAY ON DELIVERY 🙂 Good aye!

Qintai Grand Theatre Rules:

  1. Patrons are to observe the dress code to dress neatly and no slippers are allowed into the auditorium. Please enter in an orderly manner.
  2. NO foodstuff, beverages, chewing gum or bags etc are allowed into the auditorium.
  3. Child under 1m in height is not allowed into the auditorium, and child above 1m in height is required to purchase separate ticket – except for performances specially arranged for children.
  4. Please enter the auditorium on time. Kindly be seated as according to the seat number allocated. Late arrivals are requested to wait outside the auditorium and then enter quietly during the intervals.
  5. Kindly switch off all pagers and mobile phones during performance.
  6. Please observe absolute silence during performance.
  7. No photographing or video-taping or recording is allowed in theatre without permission.
  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the auditorium.
  9. Tickets sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.




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