Foreign groceries

Metro – Metro is a self-service wholesaler, which makes it the perfect place to purchase items in bulk. It’s very convenient for a big weekend grocery shop with a huge selection of products both from China and overseas. They have domestic brands, foreign brands and a generic Metro brand. You must complete a anmembership form to receive benefits, but it’s very simple to complete.

Qiaokou branch (麦德龙硚口店), 144 Jiefang Dadao, Hankou, Qiaokou District, Wuhan – 地址:武汉市硚口区汉口解放大道144号

Wuchang branch (麦德龙武昌店), 1 Tiyuguan Lu (Stadium Road), Wuchang District, Wuhan – 地址:武汉市武昌区体育馆路1号


Carrefour – It is one of the most famous foreign supermarkets in China. Carrefour has countless branches in Wuhan and offers a wide selection of domestic and foreign brands at reasonable prices. They have sections offering only foreign brands but if you browse the aisles you might find a handful of surprises.

Addresses: Wusheng Lu Branch(家乐福武胜路店)- 244Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou, Qiaokou District, Wuhan – 地址:武汉市桥口区汉口中山大道244号

Shisheng Branch (家乐福十升店) – 687Hanyang Dadao, Hanyang District, Wuhan – 地址:武汉市汉阳区汉阳大道687号

WuchangBranch (家乐福中北路店) – Zhongbei Lu (Underneath the Hongshan Square), Wuchang District, Wuhan – 地址:武汉市武昌区中北路1号洪山广场家乐福内


Wal-Mart – There are Wal-Mart stores in many different locations around the city. Wal-Mart stocks many imported western foods, including cereals, biscuits, sauces, pasta, coffee and various canned foods. There are also regular deals on offer for imported alcohol, such as scotch whiskey, French and Australian wine and European beers.



Olé – Olé is located in the basement level of the Wanda Mall, Wanda Mall Complex (汉街), easily accessible via metro line 4, Chuhe Hanjie station. It has a wide variety of imported foods and drinks; it’s worth a visit, even if prices are high.

Address: Wanda Mall, Wanda Mall Complex (汉街), Han Street – 楚河汉街 武汉市武昌区沙湖大道18号


Ikea – The Swedish brand sells ready-to-assemble furniture as well as food like salmon, meatballs, frozen and canned food, crisp rolls… The grocer’s shop is located nearby the checkouts.

Address: No. 2, Zhangbihu Road, Duoluokou, Qiaokou District (same mall as Auchan)


Sam’s Club – Owned and operated by Walmart, Sam’s Cub is a chain of membership-only supermarket. Like Metro, Sam’s Club is bulk purchase type of supermarket. Even selection is not that wide, some of the items you will find much cheaper when it comes in huge packages. You must have membership card, you can purchase it at the entrance (don’t forget to bring your passport).

Address: Qiaokou Qu, Jiefang Ave, 387号南国西汇城市广场二期V座


Shino – Shino is a French bakery located in Hanyang. Baguettes, éclairs, croissants, quiches and other rare French delicacies are available. Don’t hesitate to email Frenchman Guillaume for special requests English, French and Chinese spoken.

Adress: Dongfeng Sunshine City Residence – 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城 (shop #5-110)


Greg’s General Store – Chinese-native but French-trained Greg has a great selection of European imports, from French cheese, cream, butter and milk to cereal, hot chocolate, Nutella, pudding, canned goods and baking powder! Call or email Greg for special requests: 13971299470 –; French and Chinese spoken.

Address: Dongfeng Sunshine City Residence (next door to the Shino Bakery) – 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城四号门 (shop #5-112).