Dining Out

Here’s a short list of restaurants in Wuhan which have been tested by local expats. It’s a very small list so far, and I know you’ll be screaming “Why didn’t they put up such & such?!!”, but the list is ongoing and we always welcome recommendations (which we will then go and try) 🙂

Going Local

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Chango – Vegetarian restaurant located in the New World Mall (3rd Floor), 556th Jianshe Rd  建设大道新世界百货国贸一楼建设大道566号新世界百货3层. Call 027-85267319 

Xiao Bèiké 贝壳 – Also called the Petite Coquille Restaurant. This stylish restaurant, with lovely tree-shaded terrace seating, offers an excellent range of pan-Chinese cuisine, with dishes from Húběi, Sìchuān and Chóngqìng. It also does a number of fish dishes, including braised catfish and delicious scallops. There’s no English sign; it’s in the yellow building on the corner of Dongting Jie and Cai’e Lu (蔡锷路). It has an English menu with photos. 126 Dongting Jie, Hankou 洞庭街129号. Call 027-82844071 / 027-82832846.

Cao Jing Jing Instant Boiled Mutton – 草菁菁- Don’t be put off but the rather drab name – this is one of the yummiest hot pot places I’ve tasted. Served in individual pots they have a large selection of broths (there is a fantastic mushroom one!) Located on Xibeihu Lu in the alley next to Starbucks – Huayuan Dao B115/ 西北湖路花园道B115 (about 5 mins from Brussels Beer Garden) Open 11.30am -2pm & 5pm-9pm. Call 027-85807788

Miao Yu You Xiang Cha Can Ting – 秒語悠香茶餐廳- Cosy clean restaurant with Tibetan paraphernalia. Popular dishes here are their fried river fish, tofu pot, tomato & beef and pork with sugar. Menu is in Chinese and English. Located on Tianjin Road- just near the exit of the channel tunnel/ 江岸天津路7号(天津路隧道出口旁) – also just in front of Javair Bar. Phone 027-82771879.

Lao Cun Zhang (Si Mu Cai), 老村長私幕菜 -This is a great chain of restaurants which serve Hubei & Hunan food. Shops are nicely decorated and reasonably priced. No English menu but lots of pictures. Four people dining – 6 dishes + beer (not the most expensive dishes) – total around 250 RMB. Opening hours 11am -2.30pm and 5pm -8.30pm. There is one a couple of minutes’ walk from Wuhan Tiandi on Shengli Jie No.308/ 江岸区胜利街308号. Phone 027-82727676.

Someplace Special in Hankou:

Perfect South – Perfect restaurant to impress your friends or visiting colleagues! Fancy local cuisine. Don’t forget to try their bamboo shoots and duck. Have both private rooms and a general dining area. Go early as reservations not possible in main area. Opens at 17.30. Located at 214 Yanjiang Dadao/沿江大道214号. Phone 18627177377.

Li Li Zhou – 莉莉周花園餐廳 – Located in the former Japanese Concession, this restaurant retains the atmosphere of the colonial era. Rooms are cosy & decorated with old fashion memorabilia. Specializes in Guangdong, Hubei & Fujian dishes. Menu only in Chinese and no pictures – so best invite a Chinese speaker 🙂 Call 027-82718271. Address: 256 Shengli Rd, Hankou/ 汉口市胜利街256号 (15mins walk from Tiandi). Open 9am-2pm & 4pm-9pm. 


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Breakfast Alley – 户部巷小吃一条街 Well, you can’t get more local than this place. Fantastic to take visitors to. Sample the local delights of rè gān miàn (热干面/hot dry noodles) doupi (rice cake with mince and veges) jiao zi (dumplings) and liang mian (cold noodles). Located inside Simenkou Ziyou Lu, off Wuchang Jiefang Lu / 武汉市武昌区武昌解放路司门口自由路内.

Someplace Special in Wuchang:

ZuiXiangLong – 醉香隆- This is another nice place to take visiting guests. Situated on a section of East Lake, you can choose seating surrounding the water, or pick one of the premium tables located on the water – which have a minimum charge. Located on the left side street 300m past the entrance to the Japanese Garden at Moshan, East Lake/东湖磨山桥梁村(值物园西行300米) Call 1323716777.

 “QingChuanGe”, Wuchang – 晴川阁. Ok some might say it’s not exactly “The Bund” River Cruise – but it’s still a nice night out! Grab some mates, pack a chilly bin of drinks & check out this Night River Cruise. Price is 150rmb/adult, under 1.3m = 80 rmb. Buffet is a bit of a mix – described as Western & Chinese – but it leans more towards the Chinese style. Arrive between 18.00 -18.30hrs and eat first, then the boat leaves at 19.10 and goes up and down the Yangtze (between Bridges 1 & 2) until 20.40. Large open-air area upstairs with karaoke! Address: Linjiang Road, Wuchang (about 5 mins drive from The Westin towards Bridge No.1)/武昌 临江大道. Reservations 027—88109920. Website: http://www.whljyl.com/


Comfort food


Wuhan Tiandi – Situated at the foot of the second bridge, and opposite of the riverside park, Wuhan Tiandi has the most choices in one place for the critical foodie that wants choices of international cuisine: burgers at Bluefrog, fresh salads and juices at Element Fresh, German dishes at Haxnbauer (German specialities) or pizzas, pastas and European dishes at Summerhouse. On top of that, you can find an Irish Pub (the Paddy Field) in the Horizon Shopping Mall, located opposite to Wuhan Tiandi. Wuhan Tiandi, THE place to be! 武汉武汉天地

Bounty –  The Bounty Bistro offers a selection of premium products delivered directly from quality suppliers that the restaurant already ordered from in Shanghai.  Huayuandao, Xibeihu Lu, Hankou 西北湖路特1号花园道B区1层. Call 027-85736338 / 15927331475

Noi Mediterraneo – Noi Mediterraneo is a lifestyle-driven casual Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar that incorporates the Italian passion for life, food and drinks. its design combines the charm and hospitality of a cozy, tasteful eatery with the comfort and warmth of a typical Italian coffee. Huayuandao, 308 Qingnian Lu, Hankou 青年路308号花园道A109号 Call 027-85815868.

Max & Salad – Provied a customised salad option allows you choose from different types of ingredients. Customers pick their toppings by selecting the poker chips on display, each detailing the ingredient and the calories per portion.

Red Stone Room – A diner style café & bar which provides weekend brunch, all day breakfast, coffees, and traditional comfort foods like the infamous “Kiwi Burger” a favorite staple of Queensland’s foodies. In the evening guests can enjoy tapas, groovy music, mixed drinks, fine wines or cold beers. 701 Jinghan Dadao, Hankou京汉大道701号万科金色家园1期F3号铺(国盛证劵旁). Call 027-85748919

The Steak Hut – Specializes in grilled NZ Lamb Chops, Australian Sirloin, Rib Eye and Tenderloin. Vegetarian and fish options also available. Located in Jin Jiang International Hotel No. 707 Jianshe Avenue, Hankou – 江岸区建设大道,建设大道707号. Opens between 6:00pm to 10:00pm daily.  Reservations 027-85786888 ext. 6206.

Nishan/Tateyama, Hankou -Tasty Japanese restaurant. Located Xi Bei Hu Lu (just opposite Brussels Beer Garden)/汉口西北湖路. Large selection of dishes  – sushi, sashimi, okonomiyaki, tempura, teppanyaki, ramen. Open 10.30am – 2pm & 4.30pm – 11pm. Call 027-84710020

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Fornetto – Noi Mediterraneo’s little brother. Casual Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar that incorporates the Italian passion for life, food and drinks. Star Hotel, Building B7, Xianglong Timesquare, Zhuankou.

Aloha Diner – Specializes in American, Hawaiian and Mexican dishes – hamburger buns, tortilla wraps and real meat patties all made on the premises. Large portions so bring an empty stomach! Open Tues – Sun 12-2pm and 5-8.30pm. Closed Mondays. Located on French Street No.29, Golden Harbor, Hanyang/ 汉阳金色港湾法国街29号.Check out www.aloha-china.com. Phone 84475816.

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Grange –  Grange specializes in grilled meats including Australian Wagyu beef, Angus Grain Fed & Tomahawk beef, Lamb chops plus seafood and vegetarian options. Located in The Westin Wuhan Wuchang, No. 96, Linjiang Road, Wuchang/武昌区 临江大道 96号 -武汉万达威斯汀酒店. Open Mon – Sat 5:30pm – 10pm. Closed Sunday. Reservations 027-88168888.

Damiano – Italian restaurant situated in the Hyatt Hotel not far from Optics Valley. They serve excellent Italian dishes in an intimite atmosphere. Here you can share typical italian dishes, flatbread as their version of pizza and very good antipasti with your friends & family. Located on the corner of LuoyuLu / GuangguDadao, open 5:30pm-10:30pm Tuesday to Saturday. 璞瑜酒店 中国湖北省武汉市洪山区 珞喻路 1077 号


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