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Wuhan once consisted of three separate cities; Hanyang, Hankou, and Wuchang, each separated from the other by a river. In 1927, Hanyang, Hankou, and Wuchang were united to form the city of Wuhan (hence the name “Wuhan”, combining “Wu” from the first city and “Han” from Hankou and Hanyang). 

Hankou stands north of the Han and Yangtze Rivers, where the Han falls into the Yangtze; Wuchang is the part of urban Wuhan south of the Yangtze River; Hanyang is located between the Han and the Yangtze. The 3 cities are connected by numerous bridges. 

Expats mainly live in Hankou (the fancy area of the city) and Hanyang (where the international schools are located). If you’re looking for a property to rent, you can get in touch with these relocation agencies. 

English Speaking Real Estate Agents. If you are moving to Wuhan – check out Maxxelli Real Estate. They have proven to be a very professional company, with English speaking agents. All you need to do is send them your budget, desired location plus any specific requirements and they will find a whole bunch of properties that fit your description. They will then take you around to look at them and liaise between the landlord and yourself. They also help you to get started by showing you where you can buy household goods and how to pay utility bills. Their maximum fee is half a months rent. For more information or to start looking for a place – contact:


AGS Four Winds International Movers. Office location: Room 3712,37/F, Office Tower, Wuhan Plaza, 688 Jiefang Ave, Hankou. Email: Tel: 27-8571-7850. Website:



Just For You Relocation provide relocation services and offer Orientation Tours as well as introduction to life in Wuhan. The company also provides other services such as looking for accommodation, helping with settling into the new environment and any problems you may experience after moving in. Their consultants can speak English, French, Korean and Chinese. Please contact the General Manager Anaïs Feng at or telephone +86 138 7122 0176, more information is available at their website

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