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Stuck on where to go this weekend with your kids? Try out these suggestions from some of our WoW ladies 🙂

Trampoline Park

The first indoor trampoline park in Wuhan opened in April 2016. Around 650 sqm, including professional trampolines, foam pit, basketball hoops and a separate dodgeball trampoline. Fun for kids (but not only!)

Yifu Museum at China University of Geoscience – ‪ 中国地质大学逸夫博物馆/ Zhōngguó dì zhì dàxué yìfu bówùguǎn
Address: No.388 Lumo Road, Hongshan District/湖北省武汉市洪山区 鲁磨路338号 中国地质大学逸夫博物馆
Website (in Chinese): http://mus.cug.edu.cn/ Tel: 027-67883344. “Located right on the University grounds, this little gem of a museum has a collection of dinosaur skeletons and amazing geologic specimens. We spent an hour here and enjoyed the exhibits. It’s small and would be very good for people with younger children who want to get up close. Across the road is the petrified forest recreated for kids and adults”(tripadvisor.com). For more pictures and to read about Lexi & her kids visit to the museum – check out her blog: http://www.alexandraconrad.com/blog/Hubei Provincial Museum/湖北省博物馆/Sheng Bo Wu Guan. Entry: FREE although you get a ticket at the entrance. Open Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00-17:00 (No admission after 15:30) Monday: Closed except on Public Festivals.Address: 156 Donghu Lu, Wuchang/湖北省武汉市武昌区武昌东湖路156号. Website (in Chinese): http://www.hbww.org/ For English info check out: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/Tel: (027) 8679-4127. Described as “one of the best-known museums in China, with a large amount of State-level historic and cultural relics.”- (wikipedia).  No casual sandals allowed.

Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World/ 武汉极地海洋世界/Wǔhàn jídì hǎiyáng shìjiè. Entry: Based on height. Under 1.2 metres = free. Between 1.2m-1.5m = 75 rmb. Over 1.5m = 150 rmb. Open daily between 09.00 – 17.30 hrs. Address: Intersection of Hankou 3rd Ring Rd & Hongtu Dadao.Take the Panlongcheng exit off the 3rd Ring Rd, East Xihu District/武汉市东西湖区金银潭大道96号(宏图大道旁) Website (in Chinese): www.hcwhjd.com  Tel: 8569-9999. Ticket price gives you general entry to park and shows. Pay extra if you want to swim with the dolphins. Check out Lexi’s family visit at: http://www.alexandraconrad.com/blog/

Allstar Ice Skating
Entry: 40 – 60 rmb/ 90 minutes depending on time and day. Price includes skates. Opening Hours:10.00-22.00 hrs. Skating ring is closed for cleaning 15.30-16.00hrs weekdays and 13.30-14.00 & 17.30-18.00 weekends & public holidays. Address: 6th Floor of the Wuhan International Plaza in Hankou/ 武汉市江汉区解放大道690号 武汉国际广场6层/ Jiefang Dadao No. 690 Wuhan Guoji Guang Chang, Phase 2, Level 6. Website (in Chinese): http://www.askating.com/Tel: 8571-8868, 8571-8388. Apart from recreational skating, they also have private, group, and figure skating classes.

Jiang Tan Park/江滩公园/jiāng tān gōngyuán
Entry: FREE. Open between 06.00 – 22.00 hrs daily. Address: Yanjiang Ave, Hankou/汉口沿江大道江滩公园. The main entrance to this park is beside the bus terminal (near the end of the pedestrian street) -however there are numerous entrances along Yanjiang Ave. The park stretches all the way past the 2nd Bridge. Within the park is an outside pool which is open in summer, tennis courts, free outdoor gym equipment, and lots of wide spaces for taichi, sword dancing and the other various groups that use the park in the morning and evening.  This is a great space to fly kites, have picnics, throw frisbee etc. Kites are for sale along the lower platform. Buses:  608, 581, 806. Get off at Yanjiang Dadao.

Xibei Lake, Hankou/西北湖/ Xibei Hu. This is the concrete park area beside Xibei Lake; right beside Jin Jiang International Hotel. Mini vehicle rides for all ages open in the summer evenings after 18.00hrs. Tractors & 4-wheelers for 3/4 year olds = 15 rmb unlimited time. Tricycles for 10-12 year olds = 15 rmb unlimited time. Small battery operated cars = 3rmb for one round or 5rmb for 2 rounds. Skate hire also available 8-10 rmb unlimited time. Address: Xibei Hu, Jianshe Dadao, Hankou/汉口建设大道西北湖

Wuhan East Lake Sea World /武汉东湖海洋世界/Wuhan Donghu Haiyang Shijie
Address: Liyuan, East Lake, Wuchang (To the left of the front gate of Wuchang Liyuan) /武汉市武昌区沿湖大道梨园
Tel: 027-8677 6578, 8677 2929. Hours: Summer= 09:00 – 17:00hrs. Winter= 08:30 – 16:30hrs. Public Holidays = 08:30 – 17:30hrs. Price: 70 rmb/person. Bus: No.108, 411 to Liyuan Square. Info from http://www.echinacities.com

Maya Beach Water Park/玛雅海滩/Maya Haitan(Playa Maya) The largest Water Park in central China – with a wave pool, slides and lounging areas! Located at East Lake near Wuhan Happy Valley. Address: Happy Ave, East Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area/ 武汉市东湖生态旅游景区欢乐大道. Buses: 534, 566, 810 to Huaqiaocheng Station. Hours:10:00-21:00hrs daily. Price:150rmb/adult. 135rmb/kids between 1.1m-1.4m.Children under 1.1m=free.
Check out: http://wh.playamaya.cn/


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