International Schools

International schools

A fully-accredited PreK-12 international school, which has provided a high-quality education to expat children in Wuhan since 2003. WYIS is a member of the International Schools of China (iSC) Consortium. iSC has served the multinational community in China since 1986. WYIS employs certified teachers from all over the world to offer an American-based, college-preparatory curriculum, with English as the primary language of instruction. The current student population at WYIS represents more than 20 countries and regions, making this a unique learning environment well suited for families from diverse national backgrounds. WYIS is an official SAT/ACT examination center and offers a broad selection of Advanced Placement courses. In addition to excellence inside the classroom, WYIS offers an after-school competitive sports program, as well as an array of extracurricular activities for students interested in art, dance, film, theater, baking, and more.The school is located at #10-1 Boxue Rd. Wuhan Economic & Technology Development Zone / 武汉长江国际学校 武汉国际教育园区 武汉市武汉经济技术开发区(沌口)博学路 86-27-8423-8713

Created in September 2008 with the support of the French general Consulate, EFIW is a French school open to all children. Approved by the “Agence Française pour l’Enseignement à l’Etranger” (French Agency for Education Abroad) since July 2012, this private institution provides teaching from preschool to high school. The teaching body consists of tenured elementary school teachers, a nursery assistant, tutors from the French Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance (CNED) (The National Centre of Distance Learning) as well as professional speakers for specific subjects such as languages, mathematics, French, science, biology. The school is located in Hanyang, at the heart of the WEDZ:  Kai Fa Qu Yi Gao Zhong, Boxue Lu, Hanyang    /    开发区一高中,博学路,汉阳,武汉 – Tel: 182 0714 3319 / Mail:

  • The Maple Leaf International School 

Maple Leaf International School-Wuhan (MLIS-W) began operating in 2007 and offers the Graduation Program of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Teachers are certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students study subjects in English, and have Mandarin and French as second language options. Students graduate from the school and move on to post-secondary institutions all over the world, primarily in North America, Europe and Australia. The school offers on-campus residences for students, and currently enrolls approximately 1450 students in Grades 10 to 12. MLIS-W has a strong co-curricular program, including activities such as Model United Nations, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Instrumental Music, Concert Choir, Photography, French, and many others. The address of Maple Leaf International School – Wuhan is 330 Minzu Road East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuchang. For admissions or inquiries, please call (027) 8192-5774, or email

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals’ School – Wuhan (MLFNS-W) is a Kindergarten to Grade 9 school offering the British Columbia Curriculum. Teachers are certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Students study subjects in English, while also receiving daily Mandarin instruction. The school currently enrolls students from over a dozen different countries around the world, resulting in a rich, multicultural learning environment. Students enjoy a unique blend of Western and Eastern learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. The school has re-located to a new location, approximately 15 minutes away from MLIS-W, and is now at: 4 Jiufeng Street, Canglongdao Kejiyuan, Jiangxia. For admissions or inquiries, please call (027) 8193-8789, or email

Many thanks to Leslie, Yin, Flora and Gail for assisting in the content of this post 🙂 Additionally – if anyone knows of, or can recommend, other kindergartens or international schools in Wuhan -please feel free to share your knowledge 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    to find foster parents in China would be ideal but unfortunately seems to
    be absolutely impossible.

    So I am looking for an opportunity to send my 14 year old girl to a
    boarding school to China.

    The goal is to improve her Mandarin language. She is fluent in English
    French and German and her Chinese is at HSK 3 level.

    Unfortunately there is little information to be found on the internet
    and I wonder if could assist in advising how / where to find contact
    informations about appropriate boarding schools preferable in Wuhan

    Any advise or hint would be very much appreciated


    • Hi Richard,
      Please have a look at our page, here’s all the info we have for now.
      Hope you’ll find an interesting solution.

  2. HI,
    I have plan to move wuhan for my Phd Study. my doughtier 2 and half year old and next year she will be ready for kinder school. please if someone know any good and relatively with low fees , please let me know

  3. Hello all, we will be moving to the wuchang district this summer. I am wondering if anyone knows of Chinese public or private schools willing to accept foreigners? Right now my two daughters are in half day at the local chinese kindergarten. We would like to continue this arrangement for the exposure to the Chinese language and culture. My younger one will be in zhongban and the older in 1st grade. Also, does anyone know of any good homeschooling co-ops? If we find a Chinese school willing to accept us, we will likely also be doing some homeschooling. Thanks!

  4. Hello all, we will be moving to wuhan this summer. Does anyone know of any good Chinese schools open to foreigners? Currently, my girls go to the local Chinese kindergarten half days…we would like to continue this format. My little one will be in zhongban and the older one in 1st grade. We would love for them to continue to get the Chinese exposure. Or, if anyone knows of any home school co ops, I would love their info. Thanks! We hope to live in the wuchang area.

  5. Hello, I have two childs 10 and 9 years old i want to know about any English school.could you help me please?

  6. oh…the kids are 2 (a girl) and 5 (a boy).

  7. Hi,
    I am new in Wuhan, I m gonna be here for awhile, so I am looking for a school in which classes are taken in english and maybe teach a bit of chinese, if you know any please give me the address and price.


  8. I taught english at a school called Eagle Learning in Han Kou near jinHanLu. The school is a great small class feel with foreign teachers available for kids age 6-12. (For those interested in children learning english)

    • I’m interested in teaching there! Would u please tell me more about!?

    • Hi jack.i live in hankou and currently looking for an extra English class for my son as we will be going back to our country soon.he’s 4 and a half years.can i have the full address of the school where you taught?the eagle learning centre. Or contact details? Thank you

  9. Thank you for the information. There is also a bilingual kindergarten in Wuchang on Heping Avenue 和平大道沙湖苑路 . They offer Montessori as well. You can contact 15629027780 for more information.

  10. Hello everyone,

    Do you know an English speaking kindergarten in Wuhan with native speakers? CKAE does not seem to have native speakers, and the Maron Education link and phone number does not work and the e-mail neither? Are they closed? Could anyone just let me know where you bring your kids?

    Thank you for your help,



  11. Hi friends,
    My daughter is 3 and half year old. is there any bilingual kindergarten near wuhan university campus…

  12. Hi! Im from Kazakhstan… study chinese in Wuhan. does anybody need english techer or chinese teacher for children … or nurse … contacts 15527615094

  13. Hi everybody!

    Are there other bilingual primary schools in Wuhan, beside the international WYIS and Maple Leaf?
    Thank you!

  14. Hi girls, my 5 year old daughter used to take ballet classes in mexico and she loved them, she misses them so much, do any of you know where they can teach ballet or any dance class for children in english?
    Thanks so much

  15. Hi all,

    How much are the monthly average childcare costs in an international kindergarten in Wuhan?

  16. Mukta Tanwar Gressier

    Hi All,
    For your information:
    Maple Leaf follows Canadian Curriculum, it is situated in Wuchang.
    Maron International Education Group has I think more than 13 kindergartens all over Wuhan. They teach both English and Chinese.

    Hope the above information will help you better in your search….

  17. Hi Girls, does anyone know if the Gymboree that is located in wuchang is a nursery and pre k or is it just the clothing store?

  18. Hi Everybody,

    I’m the principal of a International Kindergarten in Wuhan. We have all the tools and resources to meet your child’s needs. We have a gorgeous campus located in a new and very safe living garden. Our curriculum and environment is American style. If you would like to visit the Kindergarten, that will be great. If you have question or coments please feel free to contact me


    Maron Education Group

  19. thanks pani for your useful information i’ve been to Maron it seems to be acceptable and it better than CKAE cause in ckae there is just 1 english class in the afternoon just 1 hour and the wholeday in chinese >>there’s another kindergarten in wuchan i don’t know exactly the name i will give you the phone number and it seems to be good they have a candian teacher but there’s no school bus in it 🙁 also wuhan yangtze is very good

    • Great – thanks for that info 🙂 Please do let us know how you get on and which kindy you choose – I’m sure some of the other ladies coming in the future will find this info very useful! Thanks!

      • she went to Maron kindergarten it is ok but they don’t have native teachers they had a good teacher but he left the kindergarten i hope after the vacation they get native teachers >> but still the best school in Wuhan is Wuhan Yangtze International School for older kids

  20. Thanks so much I know wuhan Yangtze international school I visited it before but it doesn’t accept children below 3 years and I asked in maple leaf too it also accept 5 years old kids and older cause these are schools they are not kindergartens .. All what I need is an English kindergarten teachers to be native speakers or even not native but teaching the kids most of the day in English and if the kids are not Chinese it would be better .. I about to believe that is impossible in china :'(

    • Mmm…unfortunately Wuhan doesn’t have as big an expat pool as in Beijing and Shanghai 🙁 All the kindergartens that I have come across so far are mixed (Chinese kids and others).

    • I am curious on how long you plan to stay in China?
      My daughter, who is 3, goes to an “international” kindergarten.
      She is the only international student there. Most of the class is in Chinese, but she does learn English. I do not feel she is falling behind in English. She actually speaks and understands more Chinese than me. We plan on staying here for awhile though, so thats why we want her to be fluent in both. She does love school, teachers, and her friends. Just a thought.

      • Mickie i’m thinking in another way that my daughter has to be fluent in English as a first language then may be any other language to be the second … but you know how Chinese people speak in English it’s Chinglish not English 😀 that’s what i’m afraid of to gain this poor accent from them my daughter is in an international kindergarten but it still a problem the teachers are not natives and the kids are Chinese there’s another foreigner kid but in older class and you know there’s an education pattern to teach English to Chinese kids in a way just to know basics of English not to be fluent and to be able to talk fluently with other kids in native countries … i hope the kindergarten get a native English teacher and more English classes per day … by the what’s your daughter kindergarten??

  21. Hi. The international nursery in Hanyang is called Yangtze international school. You can find more information at this website

  22. Thank you pani I’m waiting for your reply … I need international kindergarten for my daughter she is 2 years and 7 months and I’m looking for an international kindergarten to improve her English cause she doesn’t contact people here exept me and her dad 🙂 . I geared that there are such kindergartens in hanyang cause this city have many foreigners working in international companies there but I didn’t get names of these kindergartens or any informations .. All kindergartens I went to are bilingual they talk to kids in Chinese and just give them some English classes maximum 3 hours per day .. I want to put her in English environment I can’t find this here I really I don’t want what to do 🙁

    • Hi again – just visited a school today called Marksman, in Wuchang. It’s Singaporean operated, has British and American teachers, and follows Pearson Longman books and teaching methods – They can accommodate a 3 year old, but it would probably be as a 1:1 class – which costs 300 rmb/hour (2 pax = 240/hour/person, 3 pax = 220/hour/person). However, this doesn’t seem to be exactly what you’re looking for, but it might compliment any bilingual kindergarten experiences – as a little extra English tutoring. The only kindergarten which I have heard is geared up to teach exclusively in English – is CKAE kids. Might be a good idea to email them – Their website is only in Chinese which makes it difficult! Another school to check out is Maron Kindergarten – I will see if I can rustle up some more info about both of these from the other ladies 🙂

  23. is there any other international kindergarten in wuhan follow the american , canadian or british style ??

  24. There is another French school open to all: École Française International de Wuhan The Director is Linda Cannolo
    For the moment their is only the primary section but they are looking to expand to include the upper grades. The school is located in Hanyang just next door to WYIS; all their info is on their website.

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