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  1. Hello everyone Im Anna, from Spain, and I’m going to Wuhan next October. I’m interested in learning Mandarin, and I want you can tell me about the best way to learn it (center or university). I’m also interested in courses on art and design, but I cant find those taught in English. If someone can help me, I would be grateful

    • Hello Anna, Welcome to Wuhan!
      To learn Chinese, you can either find a private teacher or go to the university.
      Unfortunately, we have no info about art or design classes… Hope you’ll find what you are looking for – feel free to share your experience! 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I would need a public notary in Wuhan in order to authenticate my Chinese contracts and documents before leaving the country.
    Do you know where I can find a public notary or a Chinese agency who can take care of it please.
    The public notary is the first step, after that the documents need to be authenticated by the Foreign affairs office, thus to find an agency who can deal with all the process would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi everyone
    My name is Thip .I come from Thailand.I moved to Wuhan on Jun 1 st.
    Nice to meet all of you.

    • Hi Thip,
      Welcome in Wuhan! Please feel free to join our next events so you can meet our members 🙂
      See you soon!

  4. Hello everyone,

    I am Caroline, a French fresh graduate who arrived in Wuhan at the end of August to work at the brand new Hilton Wuhan Riverside hotel. I had the pleasure to meet Gosia, Flora and Marine there and would like to join Women of Wuhan to extend my social circle and get tips on life here. Although this is my fourth stay in China, I find it to be very different than my previous ones. I speak French, English and Chinese and hope to get to know a lot of new people thanks to the association!
    Best regards,

    Caroline Esqué

  5. Hi,
    This is Delia from France. I arrived last November, to work for an automotive car maker. I live in Hanyang not far from the Wuhan Sports Center. A friend of mine recommended me WOW website and here I am. I can speak french, spanish, portuguese and english. And I am interested in meeting people, to have new friends here. Looking forward WOW events on weekends or evenings.

    • Hello Delia, Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 Please join us on Sunday brunch organised always on a last Sunday of a month. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Hi, I am Laetitia from France.
    I can’t speak Chinese just English and Fench.
    I will stay for a minimum of 5 years and I want to meet people that are not part of the french comunity to extend my network.


    • Hello Laetitia, Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 To meet more people please sign up to our group and come to our nearest breakfast on November 12.
      This is the best way to meet others.

  7. Hi.. i am also new in Wuhan, my name Rosa Purba from Indonesia, i can’t speak Chinese just English and mother language, i stay around 1 month in here, i am take Master in Wuhan University and i want to know more about Wuhan and be member Women of Wuhan to meet other foreigner. thank

  8. Hi everyone,
    I’m Lihua,you can call me Karen too.I found this website accidentally while I was trying to find a language exchange parterner on the internet.
    I’m Wuhanese and I’ve just come back from Boston in the U.S. When I first went to there I couldn’t speak English and I had no friends there ,so I know how difficult it is to move to a new country!I got a lot of help in Boston.I met so many nice people there ,some of them became my good friends.It’s a wondful memory for me.I hope you guys also have good time in Wuhan too!If you have any question about Wuhan please feel free to contact me,I’ll try to do my best to offer the useful answer.If someone of you is interested in Mandarin,I’ll be very glad to hear from you too!

    Best regards,

    • Hello Lihua, At the beginning we feel the same way here as you were in Boston. If you could come to one of our event will be nice. We always like to meet local ladies. Some of us study Chinese language and will be happy to have a conversation with you.

  9. Hi, I am from Toronto. I just moved here and will be staying in Wuhan for the months of July and August. I am a visiting professor at the Wuhan University of Technology in Wuchang. Chinese is my native language, though I have not lived in China for 25 years. I would like to meet other WOW members. Also, I am in need of a pair of comfortable, breathable, casual-style shoes, like those boat shoes or canvas shoes. Where is a good place to buy them? Thanks in advance!

    • Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 Next breakfast, July 9th is the best to meet other members. The info about it will be published soon. For shoes pls look into any local shops.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    I am Agnes from Australia, just got to Wuhan last week to start my 2 years expat contract. One of my friend introduce this group to me and she highly recommended me to join. I hope to join some of the events during weekends to meet some new friends.
    Looking forward for the next event!

  11. hello,
    A chinese girl, i am Meng Deng (carissa) living and working in wuhan. i had studied at the university of Northampton in UK for one year between 2010-2011. Now i am a typacal 9-5 job,free weekend, working for a company which sells imported food and beverage, spreads foreign culture.i am planning to get married in 2015,the end of the year.After reading website,I think you are huge,dream-boat,attractive,friendly devoting to WOW career for expat women living in wuhan,no matter graft fair fundraising,attending activities,parties,meetings and so on .
    Look forword to join you. Thank you .

    • Hello Carissa, welcome to our group 🙂

      • how to join activities,Just see all them in website ,choose fitable one ,and then go to place directly. Shall I tell somebody in advance?

        • since you signed up you will receive invite, then you need to respond for a particular event

          • Can I modify my email inforamtion? When i use QQ email, I can’t read it . Genarally,i am free on weekday’s night and weekend.

  12. Hello!

    I’m Jenny from the Philippines, and I have been living here for half a year. I’m a teacher and surprisingly, I got fewer classes this semester. With too much time on my hands, I’m very keen on meeting new people, join activities or attend church services. I’ve read about WOW, and I’m looking forward to meeting nice people here. 😉

  13. Hi,
    I’m Marta from Poland, I have been living in Wuhan since 2014, with my husband and small two-years old daughter.
    I’m very impressed what you are doing here, it is real amazing.
    I live in Zhuankou, close to big sport stadion and Wanda Plaza.

    Before I meet already Gosia, member of WOW, in the flight from Wuhan to Bejing.

    Greetings from polish family,


  14. Hi everyone,

    I’m new in Wuhan and I’m originally from Hong Kong but I lived in shanghai for work before moving here. I’m looking for some non-local friends to hang out with, dinning, shopping, sight-seeing etc. I can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese, so welcome friends all over the world. Btw, I’m single and in 30s, have various interests, well-travelled. I’m a catholic, if any Catholic that go to church here, pls kindly advise where is good to go to.



    • Hi Emily,

      I also am new in Wuhan – have only been here two months – but I have been to two of the Catholic churches (I believe there is also a third). Holy Family, at Zhongnan National Seminary (off of Yangzhi road) in Wuchang, has an English mass at 1030 on Sundays, as well as a multi-national prayer group. There is also the cathedral at 16 Shanghai Road in Hankou with masses in Chinese at 630, 730, and 830 Sunday mornings (If you ever go there and see me – I’d love to meet you! I’m easy to spot – I’m in my 20s, and I believe I am the only non-Asian who attends). I like and attend both places equally.

      I hope this helps!


  15. Hello, I have just moved to Wuhan together with my husband. I am looking forward to join Women of Wuhan to get a network.
    I am very interested in playing tennis and have done it for several years, so now I hope to find a tennisclub and women with the same interest.
    Hopefully there are someone within WoW!

  16. Hello Ladies,
    I will be moving from Birmingham, Alabama to Wuhan with my two daughters next month. My oldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 16 months. I am moving there to teach English at a private school and this will be our first time travelling abroad.
    I know that moving there with two young children will be a challenge but it’s a welcomed one because I know that God is with us.
    If there is any info you ladies can share to help make our transition a smooth one I would truly appreciate it.
    I am also grateful to have found your organization and know that I have a support group available to me when I arrive.

  17. Our family is moving from North Carolina in the United States to Wuhan in September and I’m really looking forward to joining this group on some outings! So glad you’re all there in Wuhan!

  18. Trea StormHunter

    I have been living in Jingzhou, Hubei since September 2013, and very grateful to see that when I come to Wuhan, there is a small expat community to connect with!!!! This is a fantastic website! Thank you for all the wonderful information!

  19. Hello,

    My husband and I will be visiting Wuhan the week of 11/25/2013 to determine whether he (we) are going to accept a position he’s been offered with a Chinese company. I have never been to China but am very excited about the trip and anxious to learn about the expat community. We will be exploring mostly Wuhan while we are there. I just registered on this site and have not had much of an opportunity to explore it yet. I would be interested in any feedback about living in Wuhan, especially involving employment, as I will be leaving my job. My husband and I would be making a three year commitment with an opportunity to renew his contract.

    I’m very encouraged by the positive vibe on this site so far!

  20. Hello, myself and my Spanish girlfriend have moved to Hankou and we have heard of a “Spanish district/quarter”? Does anyone know if the place exists and if so, which metro stop is the closest?


    • Hey there,
      I’ve never been to what is coined the Spanish district, but I know it is in Wuchang by the Optic Valley Int’l Plaza. Also know that it is only called “Spanish” because of the architecture of the buildings; all the shops are Chinese…. The street is Luo Xiong Lu 珞雄路

  21. Hi everyone, I’m Sarah from Germany (and Ireland where I lived for eight years). I moved to Wuhan last month, I’m an English Teacher in Wuchang. I came to Wuhan because my fiancé and I (he’s Chinese) are thoroughly fed up of being in a long distance relationship and also because I genuinely enjoy being in China. I speak Mandarin and have almost three years of study under my belt. Most people think that’s awesome, I keep telling them I have a lot to improve on, especially my pronunciation. My fiancé (or husband as I will usually refer to him) loves to tell me to take it easy…which is met with much disdain on my part and the firm reminder that he doesn’t speak any English so I must improve my Chinese if I wish to continue wining our arguments. I kid, we only bicker! Anyways, apart from being able to speak Chinese I also love to dabble in Chinese cooking but due to my working hours I don’t have too much time to explore everything around or spend a lot of time on improving my Chinese cooking skills. Hubby is extremely busy so he has no time to do any research for me. *sniff* I stumbled across this website by accident but I liked the look of it so I signed up and I’m looking forward to meeting some new and interesting people.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I am Dorte from Germany. My husband and I are thinking of moving to Wuhan, as he has a job offer there. are you still living in Wuhan?
      We will be in the city for a Look and See Trip beginning of September 2014. it would be great to meet you for a chat. (6./7. Sept ) . Of course we are interested in getting as much info as possible regarding daily life in Wuhan…
      Looking forward to your answer!
      Bye Bye und “Tschüss” , Dorte

  22. hello there,
    I’m Nga from Vietnam, husband from NZ and we have 3 years old daughter…we are going to move to Wuhan (optic Valley) in next coming month… but we keep searching some info about the place where we going to live but have no result at all…
    I am very much concern about the inviroment, housing, and kidergarten, lifestyle up there… Much appreciate if you could help me some information..

    Looking forward to join with you all soon xxx


    • Hi Nga – even though you’re not here quite yet – Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 For info on kindys check out our page under Useful Info on “Kindergartens and International Schools” – that might give you some good starting contact details. Do you have any specific questions with regards to the environment and housing? I do suggest that you invest in an air purifier in your house when you get here – although you probably needn’t bring a year’s supply of face masks 😉 Lifestyle choices are pretty much what you make of them yourself. Although Wuhan is not teaming with easily accessible groups (unless you speak Mandarin) there are becoming more and more options. It’s great that you have found WOW already – as this will give you the opportunity to hopefully make some friends as soon as you get here. If you would like more specific info on Optic Valley let us know as there are a few of the ladies living in that area. Safe travels 🙂

  23. Joanna Sanchez

    Hi I’m Joanna from Mexico, I’m relocating to Wuhan by the end of August or beginning of September 2012 because my husband works for an American automobile company, I have 2 girls (4 years old and 7 months) I would love to meet other moms or women that are expats so I won’t feel isolated, looking forward to meeting you. By the way, can you help me, I’m going to Wuhan on June to pick out a place to live and a school for my daughter, can i get some advice on the best neighborhoods and schools? Thanks so much!

    Jo 🙂

    • Dear Joanna,
      We arrived in September with my husband, my 2 years old daughter, and my 3 months old son. We live in Hankou. I will be very glad to meet you and your children. I would like my daughter to meet some other children.
      See you soon, maybe on Thursday (I hope i will be able to go even if I answered very late. I will come with my kids). Or you can contact me : 18627165062

  24. Hello, I just moved (from France) to Wuhan with my family. I feel “lost” and need to meet some other American (int’l) women, mothers and teachers. I live in WEDZ Hanyang which seems a bit far from the center of town. I don’t speak chinese (yet) and need to sign up for classes (where). I would like to sign my sons up for some judo or something in chinese… close to our home. I am a seamstress and art teacher, mother of two boys aged 4 and 2 1/2), from CT. We are here for my husband’s work for a french automobile company. He will be traveling a lot. I feel isolated and need to bond with some other women who can show me around town (I don’t have a car yet and will be taking the drivers test next month…) would love to meet up in a starbucks somewhere, ha ha. thanks!

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