New in Wuhan? Let’s chat over coffee!

New in Wuhan? Or in discovery trip? Needing information or tips? Feeling a bit lost in the big city? Looking forward to meeting new people?

Then let’s chat over coffee (or over tea)! Drop us a line at and we will arrange a meeting 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you!

2 responses to “New in Wuhan? Let’s chat over coffee!

  1. Dominique Hovasse

    Hi there! I’ve just arrived in Wuhan this week from Canada and will be teaching English at Huazhong Agricultural University until June. I’m looking for some friends / fellow teachers or expats to meet and see the city with!

    • Hi Dominique, welcome to Wuhan! Please keep an eye on our upcoming events on our calendar (sightseeing trips are planned 🙂 ).
      We look forward to meeting you!