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  1. I am so thankful to have found this website.. Perhaps someone can help. Would anyone know of or know how to contact a Pediatrician named Min (Ally) 37 years old, female and works in a private hospital in Wuhan? We would both be immensely grateful if you could find her and give her my contact information.:
    T.C. Buckman
    1 (562) 912-5654 US

    Bless You

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  3. Hello Everyone,

    I just moved to Wuhan in mid-February. I live near Forest Park, about 5 miles south of the Wuhan Botanical Garden. I also have a small plot attached to the veranda of my apartment that I’d like to plant. Any gardening aficionados out there who might have some tips on where to buy seeds, plants or gardening materials? I’d also be interested in organizing an outing to the botanical gardens or a greenhouse if anyone else is interested. Thanks and hope to hear from you!


  4. We are looking for suitably qualified and experienced individuals to join our team of IELTS examiners in mainland China.
    You will need:
    An undergraduate degree or a qualification which can be demonstrated to be an equivalent to an undergraduate degree.
    A TEFL/TESOL qualification from a recognised institution (at minimum certificate level) or EFL / ESOL related studies completed as part of an undergraduate / post graduate award course from a recognised institution (minimum certificate level equivalent) or A degree in Education (if supported by an undergraduate degree which includes studies focused on English language at point 1 above) .
    A minimum of three years full-time relevant teaching experience (or equivalent part time) is required*. If an applicant’s EFL / ESOL qualification is at certificate level (or equivalent), one of the three years full-time teaching experience must be post EFL / ESOL certificate qualification. If the EFL / ESOL qualification is at Diploma level or higher, teaching experience post EFL / ESOL qualification is not required.
    The required professional attributes and interpersonal skills.
    *Note: ‘Full-time teaching’ is classified as a minimum of 14 hours of face-to-face teaching per week
    Please download Recruitment Information Pack (Recruitment Guide for Applicants, Application Form, Minimum Professional Requirements, Reference Request ) and send your application

  5. Hi to everybody!
    maybe you may be interested on this selling:
    in my office we are selling good quality winter down jacket, Italian brand in different colors and sizes (european sizes). You can contact me to my e-mail for more info.


  6. Does anyone know who is the Conductor of the Wuhan Symphony Orchestra, and how many members there are?

    Chris Swartwout

  7. Hi girls,
    By any chance do you know where i can find yarn and sewing materials? And i’m a big fan of XO sauce, and i been told that they sell it in stores, does anyone know where i can find it? Thanks see you on the 14th for brunch.


    • Hi Joanna,
      You can find some sewing notions and fabric and yarn at Yanzhi Lu 胭脂路 in Wuchang…. And if you make it to Deli-Greg’s (message I left earlier above) there is a little sewing shop across the square, 蘭心拼布教室 Orchid Heart Patchwork Atelier 经济技术开发区观湖路东风阳光城四号门 (shop #3-107). There is also the Crazy Market Han Zheng Jie 汉正街 in Hankou, but I don’t know exactly where…. See you on the 14!

      • Thank you so much, Lexi, we found everything on Yanzhi Lu.
        We are from Mexico and we cook some of our dishes with corn meal or corn flour, do you think they sell it at Deli-Greg’s? We haven’t had a chance to go.

        • Great! Glad you could find what you were looking for! I’m not sure about the corn meal at deli-Greg’s….. But you might want to try Metro Wholesale food stores…. I think I’ve seen some there….

      • Oh, good. That’s what I was going to ask. Is it a massive wholesale market that has just everything, from fabric to yarn to thread to sewin machines of all kinds? That’s my favorite kind.

  8. Hi girls, i just moved to Wuhan a week ago, i live in Napa valley, can you tell me where can i find a grocery store with international products? Thank you, hope to see you all next sunday 27th.

  9. Hi all,
    I am Maryse, native of Wuhan. I am looking for a expat in Wuhan who speaks French or English and is interested in learning Chinese. Then we can hang out practise the languages together. Hoping WoW can help me to make friends here and please contact me at

    Waiting for you! Nice day!


    • Hi Maryse,

      Are you still interested in exchange?
      I speak both languages French and English and would love to learn Chinese.

      • Dear Sabrina Fach,

        Just saw your comments on this website and i do like to practise english and chinese with you, please contact me via email if you are still interested in exchange.

        Best Wishs.


  10. Hi. Am visiting wuhan. Any clues as to how to find the material , scarves , bags and shoe sections of the crazy markets. Thanks for any help. Clare

  11. Hi ladies,
    I just moved in wuhan(3 days ago ) from singapore .My 2 kids, 4 years old boy and a 2 years old girl are still in singapore with my husband and will join me after 2 weeks. currently am looking for apartments around wuchang or there a large expart population is these areas? Any pointers to real estate agents that can speak English? Thanks.

  12. Hi, I am new in China and am looking for a way to get internet at home. Any help in this process will be greatly appreciated! Btw, love the website!

  13. Hi,

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  14. I’m an expat currently living in Shanghai, is looking to be relocated to Wuhan in September this year. I appreciate information about living in Wuhan, particular, accommodation market (i.e. local reliable real estate agent, prices to pay, etc), clubs (golf club, fitness club, etc.), cinema & concerts, eateries.

    If you know any webpages providing such information, do let me know.


    • Hi Emeline,
      thank you so much for the information. There will be definitely some WOWs to read it. Nice job! 🙂
      Hope, to see you soon again.

  15. Hi girls
    Golden Harbor has apartments,townhouses and villas, i want a villa, is the area there nice and safe?

  16. Hi Wanda and Pedida,
    Are you both still here in Wuhan? I am the concert singer you met in the Westin and have just returned to Wuhan. My concert, which should have been later in the month, has been rescheduled for this coming Tuesday, 2 April at 7.30 pm in the Bell Concert Hall, 255 Jiefang Road, Wuchang (part of the Wuhan Conservatory of Music). I would like to invite all your members to come, despite the late notice! Entrance is free for you. The concert is beautiful and very topical — Lieder composed by and for Women — with works by Clara Schumann, Josephine Lang and Alma Mahler. The programme ends with some wonderful theatre music by Kurt Weill.
    Aylish E. Kerrigan, Mezzo-Soprano
    Gu Ling-Ying, Pianist

    In addition, we are having the 6th German Lieder Competition on 24 and 25 April. the concert of winners on 25 April at 7.30 pm in the Bell Concert Hall, 255 Jiefang Road,is also a great event with the Cultural Attaché and Minister from the German Embassy in Beijing, Dr. Hardy Boeckle, attending. You are welcome. Entrance is again free for you. Please let us know how many of you would like to come via email to me:

    Hoping to see you!
    Prof. Dr. Aylish E. Kerrigan

    • Hi there Aylish! Yes – I’m still here but Wanda has recently been lured back to Shanghai. Thanks a lot for your concert information – I will add it as a post also. Hope to see you there!

  17. Hi ladies,
    Lovely to come across your website. I am currently an Australian expat in Hong Kong. There is a large chance we will be relocating to Wuhan this year and I’m just wondering (among a million other things) what the hospitals/Obstetricians are like should we have a baby there? Is it common for expats to have their babies in Wuhan or do they go to Shanghai or HK?
    Many thanks in advance,

    • Hi Nicole – I will send you the phone number and email of one of our ladies who has hands-on knowledge in this area 😉

  18. Dear WOW,
    I am from Canada. I am going to be visiting China to look at textiles and embroidery. I am hoping to be in Wuhan in May (2013). Can anyone recommend places where I can see some embroidery? I would love to take a class on Han style embroidery, so if anyone knew of a class I could take, I would really appreciate it.
    I am hoping to be in Wuhan for 3-4 weeks, can anyone recommend a good place to find reasonably priced, furnished accommodations?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Ann 🙂 There is a Han embroidery workshop on Tanhualin St in Wuchang. I will be going there next Friday as part of International Women’s Day activities – so I will ask them if they do classes too. Regarding accommodation – I’m not sure if Maxxilli can arrange short-term stays, but it’s prob worth sending them an email – or

      • Hello Pani, Thank you! I heard from Leslie this morning. Thank you for looking into the embroidery workshop for me! I will check back.

        • Hi again 🙂 Ok – checked out the workshops on Friday. They are very nice by the way 🙂 There are quite a few on Tanhualin St, however they might well all be connected. We were shown around by one of the main ladies who informed me that they can run free classes daily, in Chinese, for anyone who wishes to learn. They do these between 10am-5pm and no reservations are necessary. Her email is I’m not sure how well her English is though as she spoke through a translator at the activity. There was also a notice on one of the windows that they are looking for an apprentice – but that might be a little more full-on! Let me know when you get here and if I have time I can come over to Tanhualin with you to show you the workshops 🙂 Good luck and safe travels!

          • Hello Pani!
            I have been in Wuhan for a few days and I would be very happy to take you up on your offer to show me the workshops on Tanhualin. Please contact me so we can pick a time. I look forward to meeting!

  19. Dear WOW,

    It’s Dorisz from Hungary,
    I had the opportunity to meet you last year at Marco Polo hotel during Serap’s design show, I participated as one of her models.

    In 2012 we opened a foreign model management company – Avatar Models – in Wuhan.

    As model agencies, we are looking for new faces, foreign male, female and child models.
    Right at the moment there is an opportunity for brochure photo-shoot for children.

    I would like to let you know that we would gladly welcome everybody who is interested in modeling!

    You can contact us anytime at
    +86 159 0717 3717

    Or me personally at
    +86 136 3868 7881

    Most sincerely,

    Dorisz Nagy

  20. Hello everyone,

    We are new arrivers in Wuhan from Abu Dhabi. We are a French-Chinese mixed family with two very nice boys age of 2 and 4. We don’t know much about Wuhan, but we would like to meet and make some friends. Please add my email address,, and please send some information about your activities. Thanks and see you soon!


    • Hi Qiuping – Welcome to Wuhan! I hope you and your family are settling in well. I will add your name to our mailing list so you will receive our upcoming Paperless Post invites. Hope to meet you all soon 🙂

  21. I am very clear as to what kind of organization this is and it is a very respectful and purposeful one. I know this is not a dating or social site either. Still, the question does arise, are any members of WOW single and do your events allow single men to attend them ?

    I am mature, middle aged design professional from the States who is coming to Wuhan to work for the next six months and thought I would at least inquire.

    Thank you.


    • Hi David – Thanks for your email. Indeed you have some very legitimate questions 🙂 Originally this group was set up by and for expat ladies to raise money for the local charity and meet up once a month, however since last year we have expanded it somewhat to be more of a social group with more activities. While some of our activities remain exclusively female we do hold at least one lunch a month (the last Sunday of each month) which is open to everyone – singles, couples and families. Admittedly there are not so many single expat ladies in our group, but there are a lot of nice people!
      So if you would like I can put you on our mailing list for the open activities and hope to see you there? Just let me know 🙂 Happy New Year and safe travels.

  22. Hi,WOW
    I am chinese and work as an English Teacher in University . One of my colleagues from Singapore has told me such great website in Wuhan .Is it only open to foreigners? I really love to Join in and make friends here .
    Thank you

    • Hi Kristen – thanks for your message 🙂 No – it’s not open only to foreigners – you’re very welcome to come and join us! Hopefully meet you soon 🙂

    • hi Kristen,

      Hope you are settling well in Wuhan. I’m currently based in Shanghai, and might be relocated to Wuhan in September. I’ll like to know Wuhan so to plan my relocation here. I’ll be flying down to Wuhan today and would apprecite if we can be. My contact is 183 214 984 66.

      Siet Yin

  23. Hi!
    I am from Italy and I am new in Wuhan. It is one month that I am here and it is really difficult to meet forigner. I was really surprised when I found this website and I’d like to take part to your activities.

    Thank you


    • Hi Angela – Great that you’ve found us 🙂 Now there are 3 Italian ladies! If you’re free this Thursday morning please come to our Monthly Breakfast – held at Jin Jiang International Hotel in Hankou. Send me an email at if you can make it – otherwise hope to meet you shortly 🙂

  24. Dear WOW,
    I am new in wuhan , I am from Guangzhou city Guangdong province . I really love to join the lunch in Sep 30 . I have several questions .Do I need to reserve now for the lunch or we just go there directly that day ? Is it ok to take bf there for the lunch ? He is also new in wuhan , we came together in this city . I have never joined any activities by now ,but I would love to meet new ppl from all around the world here .

    Thanks a lot and best regards to every one here .

    • Hey Becky – welcome to Wuhan! The Paperless Post invites for the lunch on the 30th will come out tomorrow – so please just RSVP to that – and yes, please feel free to bring your bf 🙂 We will also be hosting a “Fashion and Tea” activity this Tuesday (exclusively for the ladies ;)), so if you have time please come to that too – RSVP to tomorrow if you can make it. Meet you soon and don’t forget to just email us if you have any questions about stuff in Wuhan…..hopefully one of us will be able to answer it! 🙂

  25. Hi everyone,

    My boyfriend lives in Wuhan, I live in Holland and we have been together for six years now. I am planning to live in Wuhan in the near future and I would really like to get in touch with people already living in Wuhan.

    Is there anyone here who would like to help me understand the regulations for living and working in Wuhan? It would be very nice to have some international friends there!

    • Hi Miranda 🙂 Sure – please get in touch with us when you move over. In the meantime I’ll put you on our mailing list so you can get a gist of what we’re up too. If you have any specific questions about working in Wuhan please send them to and I can pass them on to the relevant people. Hopefully meet you shortly!

  26. Hi WOW,
    I am a native Chinese woman and do speak English and French. In fact I found this site by coincidence but the activities of the group interest me a lot.
    Is it possible for me to join? I hope to integrate and help in the charity and cultural things, which i consider very valuable.

    Thank you!

    MI LIU

    • Of course you can join Mi Liu 🙂 I will put you on our email list. If you’re interested in any of the invites you receive just RSVP and come along. See you soon!

  27. Hi girls, im moving to wuhan on January 2013. Because of my husband work location,we are going to live in napa valley and thats more than 40 minutes to Yangtze school( most expat kids go there) . Does anybody have their kids on Maple leaf school? How is it?
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Joanna,
      Actually I don’t know anyone with their kids at Maple Leaf, but let me ask around 🙂 Napa Valley is lovely and you have a nice WOW neighbour there already!

  28. Dear WOW,
    Please forgive my double mailing to both this website and to I thought perhaps I would reach a wider audience of ideas by doing both. (Moreover, I am pretty anxious at this point, so I am reaching out twice!)
    It is a delight to have found you! I Googled “ex pat in Wuhan” hoping to find some English speaking help and advice. My colleague, Brittany and I came to Wuhan last Saturday to teach history and political science for a summer school program at HuaZhong University known as SINAP. I am from Ohio University and she is from Texas A&M, and we have been friends since graduate school in California. We arrived in Beijing on June 16 and spent a week there waiting to be transferred to Wuhan. At least we had the time to take in all the important sites!
    We were supposed to begin teaching in Wuhan on June 18th, but something went wrong with the program’s planning or ability to attract students, and we have not taught a single class or earned a dime. The organizers are not especially forthcoming with information. We have had the good fortune to be shown around Wuhan by a graduate of the university and her boyfriend for the last 3 days. They have been very lovely. The organizers have been faithful in paying our travel expenses and our room and board, however we still do not know if or when we will ever work! Perhaps someone here knows of a way we could teach English somewhere and recoup some of our losses? We cannot remain here all that long, however. Our school year begins again in the States on August 27th, and Brittany is pregnant with her first child and can’t remain in Wuhan much past the 1st of August.
    We are currently staying at the University’s hotel on Luoyu Road, on campus. The phone number is 8754 0198. I am in room 308. I would give anything to have a cup of coffee, in English, with anyone from WOW to get a handle on our circumstances and see if anyone has any ideas for salvaging this trip (as we feel at this point a bit stranded). And even if you don’t have employment ideas, after 2 weeks of this yo-yo experience, I long to speak English with someone and perhaps find some western food!

    Most sincerely,
    Anne Huddleston

    • Hi Anne & Brittany – Thanks for your message – although I’m very sorry to hear about the predicament you guys are in. I have forwarded your email to a couple of the ladies to see if they have any suggestions. Fingers crossed. Will keep in touch 🙂

      • Thanks Pani – Thanks for your reply. Oddly we got word tonight that the program has folded altogether. That’s it. We are free agents. We have plans to meet some Americans tomorrow or Monday who might know of work here. Otherwise, we have to go home. If you hear of any opportunities, please pass them our way. Many thanks!

  29. Dear WOW,

    I will relocat to wuahn in august. I am looking for ayi agency because I need to find a good and reliable ayi who takes care of my child while I am working. If anybody has suggestion please let me know.


    • One of our ladies has used Yan Huang Family Servings (Yan Huang Jia Zheng) – for their nanny and cleaner. One of their offices is at 江汉区京汉大道大智路口新鸿基花园30楼 (next to 大智路 overground station). Ph: 85567566/ 85567599. You will need a Mandarin speaker to help you 🙂 Good luck!

  30. Hi, im so excited, im going to Wuhan on june 20th to look at schools and houses, and hopefully move on september. I have a question, does anyone know if Napa Valley is a good place to live? Is it too secluded from the city? Im still juggleling between yangste school and maple leaf so,i think is going to be either golden harbour or Napa Valley,Eastlake etc, Please help

    • Hi Joanna – actually one of the WOW ladies lives in Napa Valley 🙂 It is a really lovely quiet area with big well-finished houses, but it is quite far away from most things. If you are considering WYIS (and most of the foreign children go there) the most convenient place to live would be the Golden Harbor area. They also have large houses, and there are definitely more things within walking distance than Napa Valley!

      • Hi Pani
        Im in Wuhan and i just spent all day looking at houses,schools and shops but we could not found a private hospital, which hospital did most of the Expats go?
        Thanks so much.

        • I think they go to Zhongnan Hospital – but I don’t think it’s private…..will check with some others and get back to you 🙂 Most expats seem to try to avoid the local hospitals and fly to Shanghai and HK if they can!

  31. Hi , found your website when i was researching for shopping recommendations in Shanghai! This is exactly what i was looking for! Nothing beats recommendations from locals.
    Can you recommend which tailors are good at plus size clothes tailoring in particular?
    Do the tailors always turn out well fitting clothes. Am there only for 4-5 days so no time for alterations.

    Any particular pearl shop in the hongqiao pearl market. Reliable and trustworthy ?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Rashmi,

      All the stores will be fine with Plus sizes as they get a lot of different sizes and Nationalities in the Fabric Markets. When you go their you will see many people and you will see what i mean, loads of different shapes and sizes, especially in Lui Jia Bang Lu as they get a lot more of the Foreign tourists compared to the Dong Men Lu Taliors. The clothing can be made in three days and depending on how intricate the design most people i have taken have not had to have alterations, or if they have, the tailor has been able to send it to the Hotels before they leave. I hope this helps.

      In regards to the pearls, if you want Sea Pearls stick to the outside shops, fresh water pearls are basically in all the middle stalls.. I have dealt with many stall holders and shop owners depending on budget and Sea or Fresh Water pearls. You are able to ask the shops and the stalls to do the pearl test to make sure they are real. But this market is a certified Tourist spot so the shops and stalls can get into extreme trouble if they do not tell you the truth in regards to the quality of the jewels they sell you.

      Good shopping and i look forward to hearing how you went!

      Regards Shopaholic Queen Wanda

  32. Hello everyone,I am Amanda, I studied Chinese language and literature in Hubei University. After graduating I went to Beijing to teach Chinese . I have been a Chinese teacher for more than three years and I like it a lot !
    In my spare time I like Chinese calligraphy.It can not only help you to understand Chinese culture ,but also a good way to make your body fit and strong.
    If you want to study Chinese or you want to learn something about Chinese calligrathy ,please contact me .

  33. Hi All,

    I’ve just come across this website lately and I’m very impressed. Great to know there is a community like this in WH – Finally!


    Wuhan Waxing

    • Hey Anna,

      Can you please provide me with your information? I have recently arrived in Wuhan and looking for a good waxing salon.

      Many thanks,


      • Hi Tora,

        I am Silja from WOW. I think, it is better if you give Anna a call, since I do not know if she has access to respond to your post.
        Her phone number is 15527822420.

        She can definitely help.

        • Hi there!!
          I’ve been in Wuhan for the last 2 years now and haven’t managed to find a salon that offers waxing. If anybody can recommend a place to me, that’d be great!
          Thank you 🙂

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