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4 responses to “Sponsors

  1. I miss you guys so much!!!!!!! Enjoyed the time that we spent together&hopefully i can be back and visit WOW soon!

  2. Dear who may concern,

    We have a lounge in Tiandi which provides imported oyster and french foods besides good environment and servicing. Our target audience is mainly young people and foreigners in Wuhan.

    I think there is an opportunity to cooperates with you amazing guys. We could arrange some events or provide exclusive discounts for you.

    BTW, we shall have our opening party on July 25th. there are still some invitations reserved for your organization. Pls contact me soon!


    • Hi Owen,
      Sorry to miss your opening. Usually during summer time most of our members are out of Wuhan.
      Now we start new season and we can meet to talk about possible cooperation.
      Please write to info@womenofwuhan.com
      Best Regards,
      Gosia Lalanne
      WoW President

  3. Hi!
    I am female psychologist working as a lecturer in Wuhan. I am interested in doing research in bilingual primary school children in Wuhan. I appreciate if you recommend some schools where two languages are taught and have foreign children too along with Chinese.
    Rahila farooq

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