All money collected from WoW events is donated to the Hubei Children Affected By Aids / HIV Education Fund (also known as the Brussels’ AIDS Charity).

This education fund was founded by David Wilmots, a former AIDS-prevention worker and owner of Belgian restaurant/beer garden “Cafe Brussels”, and his project partner Prof. Gui Xi’en, Chief Physician, Department of Infectious Diseases, ZhongNan Hospital.

Hubei reports there are about 850 AIDS orphans, including 80 who are studying in senior high school or college. The Chinese government provides up to the age of 14 years (Gao Zhong) of free education for them but after this, the orphans are on their own.

The Hubei Children Affected by Aids/HIV Education Fund helps these orphans by providing opportunities for them to continue and graduate from their schools by providing tuition assistance to those who are in need.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that there is this kind of organization in Wuhan and that someone told me about you guys. I’m now so excited about moving to Wuhan and I’d be so happy to get involved in the work you’re doing with children. I had the chance to work with some folks in Nanchang who founded Nanchang Cares for Kids, which focused on certain orphanages in Jiangxi. I’m glad Hubei has a similar movement, and yet it’s so different. I hope I can learn a lot more about what is happening.

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  4. Hi, I have been living in wuhan for a long time but just came to know about your group. It is a huge relief to know that a group like this exists. In tuned with the social work on my country, I felt uprooted when I came to China and found myself on the dark side of the language-barrier. Being enrolled in a heavy curriculum, I kept myself busy all this time. Now as I am finishing my school, I have been looking for groups or organizations to participate in. I am a fresh graduate, hence my financial status is pretty weak but I would love to contribute what I can in work. Is there any way I could get in touch with Mr. David Wilmots or Prof. Gui Xi’en to talk about possible opportunities? I studied at the Zhongnan Hospital and have graduate degree in Clinical Medicine. I’d be thrilled to get any input on this matter. Thanks again for all your contribution to Wuhan and her expats.
    Have a Great Day!

    • Hi -thanks for your message 🙂 I suggest you send a message to David Wilmots at or try calling him at Brussels Beer Garden on 0086-13871242250 and hopefully he will be able to start the ball rolling for you. There are also a few other volunteer groups popping up now -such as CECP (China Endangered Cultural Protector) – and the International students of Tongji Medical College participating in the Climate Impacts Day activities tomorrow ( Plus WOW is always looking for people to help – especially with the upcoming Craft Fair! Good luck with all your endeavors and let us know if you want to help out in any of our projects 🙂

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