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Breakfast – Oct. 18th

Breakfast with a view on October 18th – don’t miss it out! Nice buffet, beautiful view, friendly atmosphere: definitely the best way to start the day!

Venue: Hilton Wuhan Riverside, 190 Binjiang avenue, Hanyang district / 中国湖北省武汉市汉阳区滨江大道190号 /Metro line 4, Lanjiang Road

Time: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Please sign up before Oct. 16th!

Mark your calendars!

AfterWork – Oct. 13th

AfterWork is the BEST way to ward off an unlucky Friday the 13th! We hope to see many of you to try good wines and share tasty delicatessen during this first WoW-AW!

Venue: Wine bar ‘’Vin SUR 20’’, Wuhan Tiandi, A4 (located nearby Starbucks) / 葡悦葡萄酒餐厅- 武汉天地A4栋3-1-2单元 / Metro line 1, station Huangpulu

Time: 7:00 PM – 09.00 PM

Please sign up before Oct. 10th!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!

The Mid-Autumn Festival, called the Moon Festival, is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people, dating back over 3,000 years. In ancient China, the Mid-Autumn Festival was first celebrated to give thanks for a bountiful harvest and the gifts of family.

The most traditional food for this event are mooncakes, a traditional Chinese pastry in the shape of a full moon that is eaten to celebrate the feast of the moon.
More info about the festival here and there.

Happy Chinese National Day!

October 1st commemorates the founding of People’s Republic of China. Chinese people enjoy a 7-days holiday called “Golden Week” and go traveling around the country. A lot of activities like dance, song, firework and flag-raising ceremonies are also held to celebrate this event. 

Lunch & Book Club – Oct. 9th

 Let’s start with the first new calendar’s activity ! See you after the national holidays to enjoy a delicious “à la carte” lunch and then exchange about a book you loved! 

Important: You can sign up or either one of activities or both of them!

Venue: Fornetto Restaurant / 1/F, Building B7, Xianglong Time Square, Wuhan / Metro line 3 & 6, station Donfeng Motor Company / 武汉市沌口经济开发区湘隆时代广场B7 明星酒店一层 / 6号线 东风公司站E1出口 ; 3号线 东风公司站A出口

Time: Lunch from 11:45 AM – 1:30 PM / Book Club from 1:30 – 2:45 PM

Please sign up before Oct. 6th!

New Calendar!

Ladies (and gentlemen), may we have your attention please! Women of Wuhan is happy to present… its new calendar!

  • 1st Monday of the month: Lunch & Book Club
  • 2nd Friday: Afterwork
  • 3rd Wednesday: Breakfast
  • Last Thurday: Sightseeing trips – Wuhan or the surroundings
  • Last Sunday: Brunch with Family & Friends

This new calendar is valid from October 2017.

Please note: Because of the National Day, the first Lunch & Book Club Event will take place on October 10th instead of October 2nd!

Keep an eye on the website and on our Facebook page to follow the upcoming events!

Record for attendance!

The Family Brunch held yesterday in Hanyang beat a record for attendance: Over 70 guests joined this event!

We are very happy so many people got together and had a good time around tasty food!

Next event in October – See you soon!


New in Wuhan? Let’s chat over coffee!

New in Wuhan? Or in discovery trip? Needing information or tips? Feeling a bit lost in the big city? Looking forward to meeting new people?

Then let’s chat over coffee (or over tea)! Drop us a line at and we will arrange a meeting 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you!

Family Brunch – Sept. 24th

For the first time, our Family Brunch will take place at Fornetto Restaurant in Hanyang! Very convenient for all our members living in this district 🙂 This beautiful new restaurant opened few months ago, don’t miss out the chance to try their brunch!

VenueFornetto Restaurant / 1/F, Building B7, Xianglong Time Square, Wuhan / Metro line 3 & 6, station Donfeng Motor Company / 武汉市沌口经济开发区湘隆时代广场B7 明星酒店一层 /   6号线 东风公司站E1出口 ; 3号线 东风公司站A出口

Price: 150 RMB / adult, half price fro kids 3-12 years old

Time: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Please sign up before Sept. 21st!