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Gosia ProfileGosia was born in Poland and for several years has lived and worked in Scotland. She is married to a French engineer and has two grown-up children. She and her husband arrived in Wuhan in July 2012 and live in Hankou (Tiandi)

WoW Vice-President since January 2014.



Flora KAN

Flora ProfileBorn in Hong Kong, Flora was raised and worked as a nurse in the UK, and is happily married with two little twin boys. She arrived with her family in January 2012 and lives in Hankou (Tiandi).

WoW Vice-President since January 2014 but pulled strings for WoW since she arrived in this city 🙂

Marine CONIL

Pic WoW

Marine is French and arrived in Wuhan in March 2016. She lives in Hankou (Wuhan Tiandi).
Before arriving in China, she lived and worked in Germany, France, Canada, Mexico and India.
She loves discovering new cultures and meeting new people.

Marine is very passionate about WoW and has been very active in giving WoW a “Fresh Face”. She has been Vice-President since July 2016.



IMG_2822Jenny is Wuhanese and married to a Chinese surgeon who lived and trained in the UK for 20 years. They both promote organ transplant in China. They have a 3 year old son.

Being a local that has also lived abroad, Jenny is instrumental in helping the organisation navigate and understand Chinese culture as this is key to harmonious living in China.





Abi was born and brought up in Malaysia. She worked as an admin administrator in a tax department before. She is married to a hotelier. She has been in Wuhan since October 2012 and currently lives at Hankou.




Violet is Columbian and arrived in Wuhan in November 2016. Before that, she spent almost 10 years in Barcelona where she did her PhD in Sport Sciences and met her husband who is a football coach.

Violet is very active and passionate about healthy living and fitness and that has gone down well with many ladies joining her Zumba classes.


 Martine was born in France and has left her job, as a nurse to follow her husband first in India for 4 years and now in Wuhan since September 2013. Marine is a happy mother of 3 Children and the family has been blessed with 2 grand-daughters. 

Martine is warm and it is that warmth that helps a lot especially during cross-cultural communication.



motenaMotena was born and raised in The Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa and has been in working and studying in China since 2009. She arrived in Wuhan in September 2012 where she is pursuing a Ph.D in Management Sciences at Wuhan University of Technology. With a background in IT she is able to solve basic Tech glitches for WoW and she has a passion for capturing moments and writing which earned her a role as WoW Official Photographer!










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