WOW Member Feature : Amélie Casadevall

Amelie’s fascination for China stretches beyond the norm. While most of us are thrown into this city bevaus of marital ties (spouse’s profession), this French civil servant fell in lovewith the richness of Chinese culture and its intricate language during a vacation in 2008, and on her own, followed her dream and started teaching university students in Wuhan. Since then, she’s found her new homeout of France, living amongst the people and environment that she’s been drawn to five years ago. A passionate teacher, devoted mother, happy wife, dear friend and a lovely WOW member – here is Amelie Casadevall!

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-Anne MS

Nationality: French

Profession & Interests : French civil servant, i’ve been working in French administration for 10 years. Here in Wuhan I’m a French teacher for university students. My dream: to become a counselor – I’ve started to study psychology in 2008 and I will go on when my daughter will be a little older. My two main subjects: Chinese / western cross cultural psychology and psychological support for foreigners living in china. 

How long have you been living in Wuhan? I’ve been in wuhan for nearly 4 years.

What do you love about living in Wuchang? In my opinion the most beautiful place in Wuhan is East Lake. Living in Wuchang you can go there every season to see different flowers blossom one after another …as lots of Wuhanese do! 

As a French woman married to a Chinese, could you describe what it’s like to raise your daughter in a bicultural and multilingual home? Before my daughter was born I was worrying that she would have to deal with too many languages (French Chinese and English) but now she is 16 months understands some words/ sentences in the three languages and starts to talk !

What are some of your favorite family-friendly activities in Wuhan? East lake of course, any time of the year, take a walk in Li Yuan, admire the peony in Mudan Yuan or others flowers in the arboretum, have a cup of tea in the little restaurant near the old gate. Go shopping (Han Jie, Chicony near Wuhan University or Wuhan Plaza in Hankou).

What advice could you give to a newly expatriated mother raising her newborn or infant in Wuhan? You need to have someone in your country who can mail to you anything you cannot find here ( medicine for ex.) And find a lot of activities to keep your little one happy indoors when it’s 40 outside!  

Cite an experience which made you say to yourself—Thankfully , I’m in Wuhan… the happiest day in my life – the day my daughter was born, was in Wuhan. And I’m also very thankful for our baptism (my daughter and I were baptized the same day), that took place last Easter in the Holy Family Catholic Church in Simenkou, Wuchang.

What is your favorite Chinese Festival? Mid autumn festival, because it represents love and harmony in the family, and because I love moon cakes!

Living in Wuhan has made me…happy 🙂 as a wife and mother!


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  1. I have heard there is a language school which teaches English, near Simenkou.
    Do you know this school? Is the campus as beautiful as I have been told?
    I know there is a place there with a fake lawn where students and teachers can study while they drink coffee!
    Sorry, I can’t write the name of the school – I heard it once and couldn’t keep it in my head!

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