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grace_profileThis next feature member of WoW has joined us for a lot of events and activites recently, we will miss her and her optimistic vision of daily life in Wuhan. Grace has left us recently to discover a different city of China and she shares with us here her experience! So you will see that WoW members are not only housewives living in Hankou or Hanyang but also foreigners with a complete different background. We hope this article might give you an even better vision of what to expect in Wuhan 🙂 Enjoy the read and ’til next month!


Nationality: Australian (from Melbourne)

teaching GraceReason for staying in Wuhan? Teaching English at at CCNU University

What was your first impression of the city? Very, very big and busy. So much traffic on the road, very crowded but impressed with the lake.

What was your last impression of the city? I am sad to leave, after having found so many special places to visit and so many wonderful people. I was lucky to come here.

What did you love about Wuchang? The East Lake and scenic area like Moshan, the Lotus flowers, the Yangzte, the Metro and the friendliness of the people despite language difficulties.

IMG_2723If one of your friends would now move to Wuhan, how would you help to prepare her? Recommend buying a copy of the Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrase Book. Small but invaluable for pointing at, especially for basic needs. A survival item!!

Cite an experience which made you say to yourself–Only in Wuhan… would I have met such special people, 2013-11-30 20.06.46both Chinese and other. Also only in Wuhan would I have joined WOW and CECP!

How did you experience Chinese culture and traditions? I love Chinese Art, architecture, film, food, botany, pandas etc. and it all here in its original form!

What have you learned from Chinese culture? I have just tipped the surface of the iceberg, but I want to keep learning more and more about China. It is important to remember Chinese people have their own way of doing things, just different. Often,you have to go with the flow, otherwise frustration will ruin your experience.

hospitalLiving in Wuhan has made me… far more tolerant of people learning a new language and far more laid back than I was before. I now have good reason to think about the meaning behind old cultural traditons in China, why they have survived and why they should be protected for the future. Also the need for short and long term environmental protection for the citizens.

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  1. Fromont Maristela

    I’ve Loved the article and we miss you Grace!!!. I wish you all the best for your new jobe and we hope you will have the time to visits us back in Wuhan.

    Hope you’ll be able to read me.


    • Hi Mariestela
      Settling into Weihai well, looking forward to swimming when it gets warmer! I miss Wuhan and you all too. Thanks for the nice message. I hope to return to Wuhan fo a visit one day.
      Say “Hi” from me.
      Best wishes Grace

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