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The Women of Wuhan group (affectionately known as WOW) is a group of expats from all over the world. From Japan to Colombia, from France to Canada, from Brazil to UK, from USA to Sweden, from China to Poland: We all have Wuhan in common!

Women of Wuhan members meet on a regular basis for various activities. Monthly activities such as coffee chat, breakfast, afternoon tea or brunches; Occasional activities such as museum visit, tea ceremony, walk or guided tour; Annual activities such as Spring Walk or Gala Dinner – these 2 events are our “Signature Events”.

If you’re new in Wuhan or if you’ve been here for ages but just want to speak something other than Chinese, please feel free to join us! It’s easy, NO membership fee and NO obligations!

Joining our events is an ideal opportunity to meet people, ask questions, share tips, ideas and experiences! But not only…

All the money collected from our events is donated to the Education Fund for Hubei children affected by AIDS/HIV. This Fund helps children to pursue their studies.

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  1. Hello! My name is Melissa. My husband and I will be visiting Wuhan for three weeks from the middle of October through the start of November from the US. I hope to attend some of the events for WOW during that time. I am looking for a nanny to assist with our one year old twins during the visit. I checked the Life in Wuhan page, but didn’t see any recommendations for a nanny or au pair service. Any recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you all!

    • Hello Melissa,
      Please sign up here http://womenofwuhan.com/sign-up/ to receive our invitations 🙂 You can also check our calendar to have a look at the events planned.
      Unfortunately, we are not able to recommend anyone to assist you with your kids. Maybe the hotel can recommend your someone able to provide this service?
      Please feel free to share with us the info you’ll find!
      Have a nice stay in Wuhan and see you soon!

  2. Hello ladies. I come from Zimbabwe and I am a university student. I am interested in WOW. I hope to learn about different cultures from everyone here.

  3. Dr. Götz-Ekkehart Sapper

    I have a son aged 24 and named Ken, who has studied medicine and is now looking for a temporary job in Wuhan at a Hospital for a period of 6 to 12 months.
    Is there anyone who could help us, how to proceed to make it possible?

  4. Hi,
    I have been in Wuhan for about 5 months and would please like to find either a baby sitting job or a modelling job. Can someone please help me?
    Thank you!

    • Extreme convenience. We come to you and work around whatever challenges you may have. Bed rest, nursing baby, brokenlimbs or wheelchair bound? No matter.

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      Outstanding customer service. We are friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated and work hard to make you happy.
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      nail extension;nail maintenance;nail polish;nail matrix;nail design art; French manicure;……..

      Booking for speaking and interviews.13986248958 or wuhannailsalon@hotmail.com


  5. Hi
    I am hafsa from pakistan nd i am really glad to find this group i am just going to get admission in hubei university of TCM and i want to do part time job there like baby sitting i hope you guyz will help me

  6. Hi
    I am hafsa from pakistan i am just going to get admission in hubei university of TCM and i want to do part time job there like baby sitting i hope you guyz will help me

  7. Hi WoW,
    I am a Pakistani mother of two kids, a one year old son and a four year old daughter. Currently I am the Managing Editor of Expert Parenting and Pregnancy Magazine which is the premier parenting magazine. My husband is starting his phD from Wuhan University in September this year. Please help me search a good English medium school in which I can enroll my daughter. I also need info about the fee structure of English medium schools in Wuhan, when the academic session starts etc. etc. Since I ll be visiting China for the first time, I am totally clueless how me and my kids are going to adjust in a totally new environment. Hoping to get a thorough glimpse of how life for an expat family is in Wuhan.
    Thanks so much 🙂 Have a beautiful day. Looking forward to meeting you all one day.

    • Dear Sahar,

      There are several options for your daughter, depends where will you choose your living, as Wuhan is a humongous city.
      Please look into our website, under useful info, there is more information about kindergartens and schools.
      From what I know American school is the most recommended.
      Please let us know if you need any further help, Gosia

  8. Hi WOW,

    I was wondering if you ever put on any events for males. I’m new in town and just want to meet people! It’s a lot more difficult than I expected, but I’m not afraid to venture out. Women really should run the world, they are a lot more organized than their gender-opposites.

    Thanks ahead of time!

  9. Hi MISS Millie..did u see my last message,please call me if u still need a baby-sitter for your children 15927284834. See you.

  10. Hi Miss MILLIE.. I am studying in china university of sciences. AND this semester because I’ll just have few credits to fulfill..I could be very flexible….. Here is my email address for further information u need :ainakely1@gmail.com and 15927284834 is my phone number…Hope to see u soon

  11. Hi Dr. Rex

    My name is Kylie. I am 30 something year old foreign woman who has lived in Wuhan for the past 6 years. I know a few foreigners here with babies so I may be able to help you. If you feel comofrtable doing so, you can contact me at kylie444@hotmail.com . this is my public email. all the best

    • Hi guys , I am ANYA from AFRICA , and I would like to join the group whether it is possible.
      I am also seeking for a part time job as a French or an English teacher even as a babysitter .Hope to hear from all of you.Thanks

      • Hi Anya,

        nice that you are getting in touch with us. We would be glad to get to know you at one of our events. The next one will be coming Wednesday at Marco Polo Hotel from 2pm onwards. About the teaching please check out our section Useful Info, there we have a few recommendations about schools. Maybe they have some ideas for you.
        Hope to see you,

      • Hi Anya, am looking for a babysitter .However would like to know
        1) more about you
        2)which university you are in
        3) how flexible is your time
        4) meet my kid for a couple of times before you can baby sit.
        5) how comfortable you are around kids.
        6) how do I get in touch with you.

      • Hi Anya,

        Are you still babysitting and tutoring English and French? We will come to Wuhan this August and I really need a babysitter for my 7 months little boy and tutoring for my 2,5 year old daughter.
        If you cannot, do you know someone else? From Africa would be really nice (English speaking).

        Thank you so much, best wishes,

        Sabrina 🙂

  12. Hi,
    I have lived in Wuhan from 2006-2011 then I left back to abudhabi.But right now I am coming back to do my MD in Wuhan medical university.I am facing a small problem ie; I have a baby who is 1 year old and I need a day care or someone who can take care of him ..If you do know someone can you please help me..Thanks!So happy to see this Blog!

  13. Hi ladies! My husband and I are considering moving to Wuhan this fall with our 2 month old baby. We were living in Guilin until recently, but came home home to the states to have the baby. We love Guilin, but feel we need to live in a larger city with more resources if we are going to have an infant with us.

    Does anyone know of a good, English speaking pediatrician? Also is there a regulated nanny/child care service or referrals in the area? I’m not sure what area of the city the university is located. We will both be working about 20 hours a week if we accept the position in Wuhan. Hopefully we won’t have too much overlap in our schedules, but I imagine we will still need child care for at least a few hours a week.

    Everything we’ve seen online makes Wuhan look like a nice place to live. Hopefully things work out and we can move there.


    • Hi Gina

      There is a English speaking doctor in Hanyang hospital and works there few hours a week. Here is her website and that include what her services included.

      Regarding to getting a nanny/ayi is always an interesting issues in China. There are never short of them but finding a good one is always hard, I employed both via an agent and from referral and it is a bit of hit and miss. If you can communicate with them, that’s make the whole situation easier. In here, there are credited child are certificate and usually their salary is based in which level they have achieved and how many child care experiences they have got. After a few ayi, I found out the certificate doesn’t really reflect how good they are really. The one I have now is from a friends referral, she never does child care but she turns out to be the best one amongst all. There are many big and small nanny agency in Wuhan.

      Hope it helps and can contact me offline for other enquiries.


      • Hello Flora,

        I will move to Wuhan this August and I am looking for a babysitter for my 7 months little boy. Could you refer me one?

        Best wishes,

        Sabrina 🙂

  14. hey,
    am a student in CUG, Wuhan.
    Would be nice to join WOW and make new friends…

  15. Hi! =) I’m in Wuhan….already 3 month….feeling really lonely…
    trying to find some nice people to communicate with…
    How can I join WOW?

    • Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 Luckily you arrived during the nice warm weather so you know that Wuhan is not always like it is today! I will add you to our mailing list you will start getting invites to our events. All you need to do to join is turn up 🙂 If you are free tomorrow please come to the Jin Jiang International Hotel in Hankou for breakfast. We have a breakfast once a month, and tomorrow it will be extra special as we will have a mini market too. Otherwise, after that we will be hosting our Annual Charity Dinner Dance next Friday night (the 16th) – where you can meet both men and women of Wuhan. This is great fun with music, dancing, prizes and an auction. Anyway – those are the things happening in the next couple of weeks – so come along and meet us. Promise we won’t bite!

  16. Hi Cristina,

    In regards to the Baby and Hospitals we have written an email to a french lady who had a baby here to see if she can help us with any info.
    In regards to working in Wuhan, you would probably need to go through a H/R agency to get a Management Position. The Companies HR Department, that employs the employee is in charge of getting the Visa. You will need an updated Resume along with references and certificates for qualifications. You will also need to have a health check up. Most Managerial jobs require no Mandarin speaking but usually any local positions if they are employing In Companies they like them to have some Mandarin speaking experience. You will more than likely be paid in RMB and also on a local package if you are already living here. I hope this helps and watch this space for the Hospital / Baby info. I hope that we have been of some help… Regards Wanda

    • Thanks a lot for this coment. Hope I see you soon

      • Re: Hospital/Baby info from one of our ladies: “During my pregnancy, I had all the monthly check-ups, except the 2 last ones, made by Pr Zhang, head of gyn-obs dept, English speaking. But obviously he’s the only English speaking doctor…so at the end, I had to see another obstetrician, Pr Huang, and she speaks only Chinese. Moreover, during the labor and delivery, and after the birth, my husband translated everything, everybody spoke only Chinese.
        So I don’t think this is convenient for a foreign couple.
        The facilities and medical care are ok, if you choose to stay in the “VIP” maternity dept (10th floor). The only “little” problem I’ve experienced: they don’t provide epidural…:((
        I think Tongji and Wuhan Women and Children hospital (in Wuchang) are also good options to explore.
        I hope this can help them to make a decision”.

  17. ok – let’s see if I can answer everything in one go – I might need to come back on some of the points 🙂
    1) Wuhan is pretty safe. I have not heard of any “bad things” happening to foreigners here. I walk by myself at night, and have taken taxis by myself at night. I have never felt unsafe here. But as usual you should use common sense.
    2) Mmm…well there are some services set up for expats, and it is getting better 🙂 There are 2 International schools – Maple Leaf (Canadian syllabus) and Wuhan Yangtze International School (American syllabus), and a handful of kindergartens (although they don’t seem to follow any specific international syllabus). There is an International Clinic which has just opened in Hanyang, with an American doctor. A branch of the American Chamber of Commerce is here and they set up seminars and hold monthly meetings, plus there are the French, Korean and US consulates. This year the first English newspaper was introduced called “ChangJiang Weekly”. There are also a couple of supermarkets which stock imported products – Theatre and Metro, plus an online store called http://www.gourmetstaples.com. So there are some services set up, not nearly as many as say in Beijing or Shanghai, but getting there!
    3) Unfortunately there is not a huge unified expat community (although we at WOW are trying hard!). Wuhan is split into 3 areas – Hanyang, Hankou and Wuchang – and most people tend to stick to the groups in their own areas. You also have some online groups – Wuhantime.com, wuhanbuzz.com and wuhanexpat.com who have online communities which also sometime get together for events.
    4) I will get one of the other ladies with more hospital experience to respond to this one 🙂
    5) Chinese people are generally really friendly and open – but not that many speak English 🙂 Best to learn the basics either before you come or as soon as you get here as that will make life a whole lot easier! For example – print out the name of your hotel – in Chinese – for the taxi driver at the airport – as they will most likely not speak English. With regards to forming friendships – yes it’s possible. Usually the Chinese friends you make speak some English 🙂
    6) There are a couple of areas which are sort-of “expat areas”. In Hanyang you have Golden Harbour. In Hankou you have Wuhan Tiandi. In Wuchang you have Napa Valley and around the Universities for foreign teachers and students. There are other places where you can find groups of foreigners – but these the probably the most popular. Anyway -anywhere in Wuhan, even in these expat communities – all you need to do is cross the road and you are in real China – there’s no real getting away from it!
    7) It’s not so difficult to find work as an English or kindergarten teacher, but other positions are challenging to find. I will check out some info on this topic and get back to you.
    8) Yes – there are some although I don’t have all the details. Check out the University section in Wikipedia – as they provide links to all the sites – which should give you all that information – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuhan.
    9) Wuhan has direct flights to Bangkok, Paris, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, plus of course many mainland China destinations. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wuhan_Tianhe_International_Airport for a list of destinations 🙂 For other international flights you usually have to fly from HK, Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhuo.
    Well -I hope that has helped answer some questions! Wuhan is real China – something interesting happens everyday – sometimes good, sometimes not so good – but always interesting 🙂 Hopefully see you next year!

    • Thanks a lot for this complet answare!! You are so nice! Hope finally I can meet you all soon.

    • I have one more question. Several people talk to me about how much pollution there is. I’m not sure if it is really so, or if it is normal for a big city. Perhaps combined with high humidity there seems that air is very thick and it appears that there is more pollution than there really is. I would like to know this especially for my one year old daughter. Thank you very much! Cristina

      • Yes – some days can seem more polluted than others – particularly when you can see the particles. If you’re interested in making comparisons with other cities you can download the free China Air Pollution Index App. which gives you “Real-time broadcasting air quality index and air pollution index of 120 major cities in China… the data used comes from the U.S. Embassy and China MEP”. Download from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/. If you are concerned about your daughters well-being I would suggest buying an air purifier for your apartment – and lots of green leafy plants 🙂

  18. Hello to all ladies!
    I’m so glad to have found you, you have a great site.
    My name is Cristina, I am from Spain, 35 years old, and probably next year I moved with my husband and one-year-old daughter in Wuhan since his company has offered him a expatriation there for several years
    I write you to try to learn a little more in depth the life in wuhan and the opportunities that the city can provide. It’s a difficult decision for us and I wanted to ask you some questions and if you have a little time and you can answer me it would be nice!!!
    -Life in China and particularly in Wuhan is safe? Great care must be taken?
    -From what I see there are many European and American companies installed in the area, so I imagine there will be services for expats and international schools, etc …
    -I imagine also for the same reason that there will be a large expat life, isn`t it?
    -In terms of health, there is a good quality medical care there? We are thinking of having another child and probably will be born there ….
    -With regard to the character of the Chinese people, are they open? They speack english?, it’s easy to begin a friendship with them? Are they usually mixed with foreigners?
    -About places to live, there is a specific area for expats? or it may be interesting to live in another area to integrate with Chinese culture? …
    -On the other hand I left a very good job in Spain (a kind key account manager) and although I would not mind an expat life without working for a while … after some time I would like to work in a local or foreign company to have some experience there. You know of any woman who has done this? Is it easy to get the visa for it? Is easy to find a job in a multinational company?
    -Another option may be to do a post graduate at a local university. You know if there are universities with programs in English?
    -With regard to connections to other cities in China and nearby countries (to visit on weekends or holidays), Wuhan is well connected? And with Europe is easy to get?

    Well, there are many many questions, thanks for all the answers and other recommendations that can help us to know life in Wuhan a little more!
    Kisses to everyone and I hope some day to meet you all!

    • Hola Cristina, me llamo Joanna y soy de Mexico, yo tambien me mudare a Wuhan como en diciembre del 2013 con mi esposo y dos hijas de 4 y 1 anio,que bueno tener con quien seguir hablando espaniol,yo ya fui a Wuhan a ver escuelas, viviendas y la ciudad en general, cualquier duda que tengas te puedo ayudar.

      • Hola Joanna (y Cristina),
        Me llamo Catrice. Yo tambien pienso ir a Wuhan a trabajar en Wuhan Univ en feb 2014. Soy Americana pero voy alla con mis dos hijos y ellos hablan espanol e ingles. Seria un placer mantener el contacto contigo. No me gusta publicar mi email pero no veo otra manera. Si quieres, me puedes contactar a catrice@nyu.edu. Cuales son tus planes para la escuela de tus ninos? Cuidate

        • Hola Catrice, voy a vivir en una area que se Llama Napa Valley, son casas grandes, casi no hay expats, pero me gusto mucho el vecindario, a mis hijas las voy a llevar a la escuela Maple leaf, es canadiense pero es la que esta mas cerca del trabajo de mi esposo y de la casa, hay otra que se llama Yangtze pero esta a muy lejos, esas si es americana, te mando mi email al tuyo, tampoco me gusta ponerlo abierto, saludos!

  19. hi i am a native chinese, i have learned french in university in Another city.then i come to shanghai for work..but from last year probabely stable in wuhan.and now my job position need me to review my english and french..i really need a french or english corner or avaiable english french lessons which can help me with some exams, i am working in the airport, besides, i have 15 days off. i think we change exchange anything.. my qq number 765592610 phone number 13419532226

    • Hey Ying Xu – pop along to one of our breakfasts and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice both your English and French! Hopefully see you soon 🙂

  20. Hi! I’m a Chinese American medical student who’ve just arrived here this week. I’m working on a summer research project for school and will be here for a couple of months. I’m here by myself, so I’m feeling a bit lonely. WOW seems like a really interesting group of people! I just saw that you have a Sunday brunch tradition and the next one is coming up this weekend. I’d like to join if I can! It’d be fun to chat with you all and get some insider tips on Wuhan! I have so far seen like 1% of the city and am not really sure where to go and what to see. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan – Welcome to Wuhan! Hope you can make it to the breaky tomorrow -but if not, hopefully we’ll see you at the Afternoon Tea or Thursday Breakfast 🙂 Wuhan can be a bit daunting to start with (cause it is pretty spead out!) but just let us know what sort of places you’re interested in, and we can try to give you some suggestions 🙂

  21. Hi,

    I just arrived here and would probably join the craft fair this week end.Meanwhile i also need any info on places to visit in Wuhan apart from the yellow crane tower and East lake.Also anyone living in Paris Garden ,,on Luo yu RoadWuchang??


    • Hi Sweta,
      If you’re interested in temples Guiyuan (Hanyang) & Changchun (Wuchang) are really lovely. If you have one of the Maxxelli taxi-books you can find their addresses in there. There is also the Hubei Provincial Museum on Donghu Lu in Wuchang, which even non-museum lovers seem to enjoy! Other places which get mentioned on the tourist route are Han Zheng Jie (Crazy Market), Hubuxiang (Breakfast/Snack Street) 户部巷小吃一条街, Jianghan Lu (Walking Street) 江 汉路步行街. I also like Tanhualin Street in Wuchang which is an up-and-coming arty street with little cafes and some small crafty shops. Regarding Paris Garden…sorry I don’t know anyone else there 🙁

  22. The concert should to be at 7.30 in the night at Qintai Concert Hall, on friday ans saturday.
    The program is Capricho Espaniol by Rimsky Korsakov, Gliere Concert for harp and orchestra and Tchaikovsky Symphony n.5
    I hope see some of you there…the harpist is a french girl….

  23. Laura Trainini

    I’m Laura, from Italy and i’m just moved to Wuhan.
    I’m staying at hotel for now, but i’ll move soon in Hanyang.
    So, happy to read that a lot of you live there.
    I’m musician, i play the flute in Wuhan Philarmonic Orchestra.
    I’m alone here, and i really wish join your group and make some international friends.
    Actually, as you can see, my english is not so good, but i can understand almost everything…I speak some french, some chinese and spanish…good.
    I hope to go to your meeting on 25 May, if my work schedule is not too full.
    Really I need meet some nice people here…i’m feeling very very lonely since i arrived….: (

    • Hi Laura 🙂 Welcome to Wuhan! So interesting to hear that you are playing with the Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra. We will all have to come and hear you play! If you have time please do come and join the crafternoon season on May 25th. Lexi and others will be making craft items, so it will be a good opportunity for you to meet some of your soon-to-be neighbors 🙂 If you can’t make it on that day, then we hope to see you at the Craft Fair on the 2nd. Great that you found us – I hope we will be able to make your loneliness disappear 😉

      • Laura Trainini

        Hi Pani thank you so much to reply so quickly!
        I really would like to join you on 25; i have a concert on 25 at night and i don’t know yet if i have time to go to the creafternoon season. But surely i will go on the 2nd!
        thanks a lot!
        Of course…. Wuhan Philarmonic is playing a concert on 25 night, at 7 p.m. and the program includes a harp concert played by a french soloist. I hope some of you want to go to listen us!

        • Thanks for that info Laura. The crafternoon season starts at 1.30 -and goes until 5.30, but it’s no problem if you have to leave early. So if you think you have time, just remember to rsvp to Lexi – mail@alexandraconrad.com – so you can get the address details 😉 Good luck for your concert! I’ll see if I can find anymore info about it so I can put it up as a post 🙂

  24. Hi ! I’m Joanna from Mexico and I will be relocating to wuhan in August or September 2012, I will love to Join this group. I’m 33 and moving with my husband and 2 little girls. And if its not to much to ask, I’m going to wuhan in June to look for a house and a kindergarten for my daughter, can you recommend a good neighborhood to live and a bilingual or international school?
    Thanks so much, looking forward to meet you all!

    • Hi Joanne 🙂 Thanks for your email. It will be great to meet you all when you arrive in Wuhan 🙂 The Wuhan Yangtze International School is located in Hanyang, so most of the families which have children that attend there live in the Golden Harbour area (around “French Street”). You can also live elsewhere -but there will be a bit of a commute. One of the WOW ladies lives at Wuhan Tiandi in Hankou and her son is driven 20-30 mins to the school in the morning, and about 40 mins back in the afternoons. What are the ages of your girls? And do you know which area your husband will be working?

      • Laura Trainini

        Hi Joanna!
        I lived in Mexico 5 years! It will be great to meet you when you come in June!
        From wich part of Mexico are you from?
        It will be great to practice my spanish too….! I hope meet you soon!
        Escribeme si quieres, este es mi correo

        • Joanna Sanchez

          Hi Laura
          I live in the northwest part of Mexico, in Mexicali, is 2 hours away from Tijuana and close to the border to California(USA)
          I’m looking forward to meeting you, I’m not so nervous now that I contacted you all, Im getting excited for this new step in our lives, thank you all for the information and hope to see you soon!
          Jo 🙂

          • Hola Johanna! Yo vivi’en el norte tambien, en Chihuahua, dos anios, y los demas en Toluca. Espero verte pronto por aqui! Cuidate mucho!

      • Joanna Sanchez

        Thanks for the information, we don’t know where there building the company my husband works, it’s called Honeywell turbo technologies, hopefully it’s in the same area.
        I have a 4 year old and a 7 months old baby girl.
        Thanks so much

        • Hmm…I’m not sure where that company is located. I will try to find out. I have a feeling it will also be in Hanyang…. Will let you know soon!

          • One of the ladies has informed me that Honeywell is in Hanyang – so that sounds like the best area for you 🙂 There is a day care in the area which accepts children from two years old, and Wuhan Yangtze International School accepts from 5 years. Check out their website at http://www.wyischina.com or email them at info@wyischina.com. I hope this info proves useful 🙂 Just let us know if you have any other questions.

  25. Hi, I’m bancake from Hong Kong. I am new to Wuhan and will stay here until May 31.Currently I’m staying in Hankou, but will soon move to Wuchang.
    It would be great to meet and get to know more about this group!
    Appreciate if you could pass me more information. Thanks!

    from Hong Kong

    • Hi Bancake -Welcome to Wuhan 🙂 We have a couple of activities coming up -one is brunch at the Westin Hotel in Wuchang on May 6th, the other is our monthly breakfast at Jin Jiang International Hotel in Hankou on May 10th. We also have our annual Craft Fair on May 26th which will be held at Wuhan Tiandi in Hankou. More information on these are in the Upcoming Events calendar on the right-hand side of the homepage. So, if you’re free come along and bring any questions you have about Wuhan and WOW and we’ll be more than happy to answer them 🙂 See you there!

  26. Hello WOW!
    First of all, I’m very impressed with your website and wished I had seen it the moment I arrived here with my family last Sept 2011. Great job, ladies! Second, I attended the Fish N cHIPS lunch, which was fantastic I must say, but unfortunately didnt get to meet much people. Hopefully during the March 8th breakfast–granted my 19th-month old girl will be kind to her mama and cooperate–I will get the chance to have an exchange with all of you and with my lil toddler in tow, of course! 🙂

    Anne (from Philippines and France!)

  27. Hi, I’ve been working in Wuhan since last August and I’ve only now realised this group exists. Can I meet up and get to know all of you better soon? I would love to join one of your events.

    Please contact me soon. Thank you.

    Pauline Ooi
    From Singapore

    • Hi Pauline – See you at the Fish N Chips lunch on Sunday and, if you have time, come and join us for breakfast at Jin Jiang International Hotel on March 8th 🙂

  28. Hi Pani,

    Thanks a ton for your reply.Yes my husband will be posted there so we would soon move there.He says his office is right in the opposite direction of the airport.We are not sure of the place .Could you tell me if it is one among the places you ve specified.? Also tell me where you find supermarkets like Carrefour,Walmart,Lotus,Pines etc.

    Please advise me on good hospitals too.


    • Hmmm….the opposite direction of the airport….I’m wondering if you will be living in Hanyang or Wuchang then? If you could possibly get an address of the workplace for me, I’ll be able to let you know if there’s an expat area around it 🙂 Once I know exactly where you’ll be, then I can let you know where your closest Carrefour, Walmart and Metro are 🙂

    • One of our ladies recommends Zhongnan Hospital -which is affiliated with Wuhan University. Address: No. 169 East Lake Road, Wuchang. Phone number 027-6781-2999. If you would like their VIP service (which usually includes a nurse which takes you around and somewhat translates) you need to book the appointment through your insurance company. The price depends on your health problem.

  29. Hi,

    I will be moving to Wuhan soon with my husband and 9 month old baby.Please let me know which is a good place to live for expats.?
    Also let me know if there are any Indians in Wuhan.

    Hope to join the community soon.


    • Hi Sweta 🙂 If you are moving to Wuhan for work, then I think you guys should consider living close to your work place. Comutting time is never nice 😉 If the workplace is in Hankou, then Wuhan Tiandi is a nice location that is close to restaurants, parks, the light rail, and accommodates a number of expats (Singaporean, Swedish, American, Hong Kong-ese, Ukrainian, Brazilian, and one NZer – sorry but I haven’t met any Indians here yet :)). Hanyang has some foreigners living at Golden Harbour (plus there are many French people in Hanyang due to the Peugeot company). Most of the universities are located in Wuchang, and therefore Wuchang has many international students. I’m sure there must be SOME Indians in Wuchang! However I don’t know of any specific expat area in Wuchang 🙁 Hope this helps a little bit 🙂 If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask – that’s why we’re here 😉

  30. Hi, I would like to join your activities. Where do you meet?

    • Hi! Our next rendezvous will be this Thursday afternoon (Dec 15th) at the Marco Polo Hotel in Hankou. Our usual breakfast venue is at the Jin Jiang International Hotel, also in Hankou. To find out more about these activities click on the Upcoming Events calendar on the home page. This will give you the time, rsvp details, cost and address in Chinese. Hope to meet you shortly! 🙂

  31. Hi Flora – I am putting your name on our mailing list, so you will get all the info of upcoming gatherings. There is not actually that much more to tell you about the group 😉 Apart from the charity aspect, we are just an ever-changing group of expat ladies who like to get together – sometimes to eat something Western, other times to try out something new, and basically share our information and experiences with each other. Although Wuhan is gigantic in size, there are not that many foreign social networks to link with -especially if you are not working with one of the big French companies in Hanyang, or studying at one of the Universities in Wuchang 🙂 I hope you can come along and meet us. Drop us a line when you get here! Safe travels 🙂

  32. Bonjour,
    Nous allons emmenager à Wuhan en Janvier 2012 à Hanyang.
    “Nous” est composé de :
    mon compagnon en détachement pour plusieurs années à Wuhan ;
    mon fils de 12 ans Thomas
    moi qui quitte mon travail de therapeute (entre autre par l’hypnose). J’ai besoin d’écouter, de découvrir, de m’insérer dans un reseau social. J’ai envie de rencontrer des gens de tout horizon.
    A très bientôt
    Je dois préciser que je suis peu anglophone … sur ce point l’écrit est plus facile 🙁
    We will move in Wuhan in January 2012 with Hanyang.
    “Us” is composed of:
    my companion in detachment for several years with Wuhan;
    my 12 year old son Thomas
    me which leaves my work of therapeutist (amongst other things by hypnosis). I need to listen to, discover, to insert me in a social network. I want to meet people of any horizon.
    With very soon
    I must specify that I am not very anglophone… on this point writes it is easier: – (((

    • Hi Marielle 🙂 You must be very busy and excited about your move! There are actually lots of expat ladies living in Hanyang – especially French ladies 😉 -so hopefully your transition there will not be too difficult. We will be having a breakfast on January 12th, so I hope you will be able to attend. Let us know as soon as you arrive so we can arrange someone to meet you for a coffee 🙂 Merry Xmas and safe journey!

    • Bonjour,
      je viens d arriver a Wuhan fin decembre avec mon fils, ma belle fille chinoise et leur petite fille de 14 mois, je suis retraitee.
      J espere qu on poura se voir, nous allons essayer d aller au breakfast le 12 janvier.

  33. Hi Ladies! I’m really glad to have found this group. I’d love to join you all during the next outing. Please inform me about the next brunch session:) Thanks!

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  35. Hi there!! This is a FABULOUS idea, I can’t believe I have not heard it earlier! Great work ladies! 🙂 Pls include me in your upcoming event updates as I would love to join in and make some new friends! I will not be in town for the next breakfast meet up but please count me in for the 10th Nov one! Thank you! 🙂

    Bao from Singapore

  36. I am new to Wuhan, please tell me were you meet, I would love to join your group of phenomenal women !

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